SixSixOne Rage Hard Knee/Shin Guard Elbow Pads

Ideal for endless day-to-day shredding, the Rage Hard Knee/Shin Guards are extremely low profile and offer superb coverage ranging from the knee to the ankle. To keep you safe from unforgiving terrain and unplanned encounters the internal flexible knee impact cap is covered with Kevlar, utilising a hard cap sewn over the top to deflect and slide during a crash. Should the blow strike you on the side of your knee/shin, the Rage pads have stretch mesh sandwiches with dense perforated impact EVA. For those that shred hard, the rear of the pads are crafted from a breathable stretch mesh, maximising the flow of air around your leg to keep you cool and composed. Should slippage be a concern the internal silicone printing works in tandem with a padlock connection system that attaches to EVO shorts, keeping the pads in place to enable an explosive cadence.