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This isn’t your typical snowboarding movie, it isn’t Travis Rice or Rusty Toothbrush pulling sick tricks around the globe. It’s a Hollywood movie that is set in the snow and is about a snowboarder.


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Josh Hartnett as Eric LeMarque



Former US Olympic Hockey player Eric LeMarque is a thrill-seeking snowboarder with a drug addiction and a weight of personal demons on his back. When he gets lost in a massive winter storm in the frozen wasteland of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, he is pushed to the limit of human endurance and forced to battle his fears head-on. Facing hypothermia, starvation, wolves, frostbite, dehydration, withdrawals and hallucinations, he fights against the worst the elements can throw at him.

The film is based on Eric LeMarque’s best-selling biography, CRYSTAL CLEAR, in which he gives a first-person account of his harrowing tale of survival. Known by his National Guard rescuers as “the Miracle Man,” Eric recounts his rise to success and fame as a hockey player and Olympian, his long and painful fall due to drug addiction, and his unbelievable ordeal in the wilderness. From this source material, screenwriter Madison Turner adapted his first ever script for the feature film 6 BELOW.


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At the helm of the production is seasoned action Director Scott Waugh (NEED FOR SPEED, ACT OF VALOUR), who brought to the film a first-class cast including leading man Josh Hartnett in the role of LeMarque. Known for roles in BLACK HAWK DOWN and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, Hartnett has found renewed success recently in the critically acclaimed Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL, and delivers an outstanding performance in 6 BELOW.  The film co-stars Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino as Eric’s mother Susan LeMarque.

6 BELOW launches in Australia on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital – February 21, 2018.


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