Video Awards 2017: Best Bail

Bails, Slams, Rag Dolls, Tomahawks, Tacos and Scorpions. Part and parcel of the pro boarders job description. Inevitable when you’re pushing the limits of progression, but still a bit shit.

That split-second, bowl wrenching feeling you get when you realize it’s all gone pear shaped. You’ve hit the kicker with too much speed and have launched yourself into no-man’s land. Or maybe not enough speed as you reach out for the transition in despair. You’ve hit that stair set at the wrong angle, your board comes out from underneath you and you’ve got nothing to stop the fall but your face. Your riding out safe from an Alaskan decent, catch a hidden rock and start a cartwheeling yardsale into the valley below.

Nothing left to do but close your eyes, brace for impact and hope for the best.

And the nominees are;

Raw & Uncut – Anto Chamberland 2017 Full Part

This raw, balls to the wall video part is a look into the extreme perils of being a pro snowboarder, full of mad bails.


Anna Gasser

Double Cork to Belly Splash Scorpion.


Torstein Horgmo – Stronger

Come fly with Horgs, Floating Seven Jump Test Fail.


Johan Rosen – Snackbreak’s Deviate

Boardslide to Thigh Slam Perfect Backflip, “Dude, that was Gnarly AF!”


Jonny O’Connor – Stronger

The Rail to Bail to Hospital Double Bird (we’ve left the whole part in cause this guy’s crazy!).

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Choose your favourite video:


More epic bails…
Yuki Fukazawa Full Part – Brown Rats, whole thing is gnarly.
Jenaya Jenkins – Street 1516, bringing some hard rail truths!
Michael Rowan – Just Ouch.
Nikolay Grinev for Inside Out Movie – Gap to Broken Board and Leg, safe to say that’s the end of filming.
Halldor Helgason – Dayumm, Backflip to wallride to bail @ 0.57.
Benny Kaufman and Josh Bosser on the Rail/Bench of Death.
Dan Brisse – Stronger, massive 3 and ¾,
and last but not least…
Robin van Gyn – Fullmoon, Backcountry Tomahawk Rag Doll (with an extra roll).

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