Rad Gloves have been a staple in local Aussie and international riders minds since ’09. Rapidly approaching it’s 10th birthday and getting stronger each year, owner Jeremy Burns has kept the brand true to its core since day 1. With varying quality throughout the early years, these days the gloves have seen a huge step up in quality yet still keeping the price tag pretty much the same.
Recently adding some “RAD Tech” to the line you won’t see a shortage of premium goods to wrap those hands up in. Personally, I have had my hands in n out of these mitts for years. Even still, I get kids and people asking where they can get some all the time! No shortage of different designs and artwork across the entire range. Show some Rad Love & get yourself a pair!

The Executive Mitten

Part of their [RAD TECH] Range
15,000mm Waterproof/Breathable Official Hipora Insert
Official Primaloft Insulation
Soft Goat Leather Palm and Backhand
Gold Mountain Stitch Style
Smug Touch Smartphone Compatible
Brushed Tricot Inner Lining
Deluxe Detachable Wrist Leashes
WARMTH: 9/10

Crew Mitt

10,000mm Official Hipora Waterproof/Breathable Insert
Official Thinsulate Insulation
Soft Goat Leather Palm
Printed Logo Panel on Backhand
Stretch Polyester Backhand
Boogie Wiper Thumb
Elastic Wrist Leashes
Adjustable Rubberized Tab Cuff
WARMTH: 6/10

Smitten Mitten

10,000mm Official Hipora Waterproof/Breathable Insert
Official Thinsulate Insulation
Waterproof Nylon Cordura Outer
Super Grip Silicon Palm
Boogie Wiper Thumb
Elastic Wrist Leashes
Adjustable Rubber Tab Cuff
Catch-Free Velcro Closure
WARMTH: 7/10

Ripper Pro Mitten

10,000mm Official Hipora Waterproof/Breathable Insert
Official Thinsulate Insulation
Waterproof Nylon Cordura Backhand
Goat Leather Fingertip Strength Zone
Embossed Goat Leather Palm
Boogie Wiper Thumb
Elastic Wrist Leashes
Slip-on / Slip-off Cuff
WARMTH: 7/10

The Generic Mitten

Corded Polyester Stretch Backhand
Super-Grip Silicon Palm
Stretch Neoprene Knuckles
Adjustable Pull Tab Cuff
Non-Catch Velcro Closure
Reinforced Thumb Joint
Boogie Wiper Thumb
Elastic Wrist Leashes
WARMTH: 3/10


Crab Grab


Starting from an inspired vision of bringing styled and unique grabs back to snowboarding. In the Summer of 2011, Preston Strout with the help of his first team riders Scotty Stevens & Jesse Burtner successfully managed to get the first batch of Crab Grabs made!
Fast forward into the future and BOOM! Traction control for your own 2 claws. Offering up 4 different traction settings, all with awesome comfortability and claw freedom. With the minds of Bode Merrill, Nicolas Müller, Scott Stevens and Mike Rav. These mittens have been tailored to their riding styles and varying conditions they face. The product is a well rounded arsenal of mittens that really out grab the competition. 2 years in the making, try a pair of these bad boys for yourself!




Way back when in 2002, Shaun Neff boosted the brand by heading to a 99c store and target, buying out all the beanies on the rack and writing his last name on it. He then managed to very slyly rally some of the best riders to rep the brand despite their apparel contracts. Simply reading through to find nothing about headwear in the riders contracts, he ended up seeing his name appear on pro snowboarders during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

The brand has continued to grow and progress over the years, seeing all sorts of collabs with Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, even Disney! Neff runs up a pretty heavy ambassador list of boarders like Halldor & Eiki Helgason, Scotty Lago, Tim Humphries, Dylan Thompson, Kazu Kokubo, and Brandon Davis. Neff is a lifestyle, not confined by anything. The anthem Neff lives by “forever fun” shows through by the riders and the product they produce.

Daily Gloves


Full Neoprene Chassis
Full Synthetic Leather Palm with Full Coverage Silicone Coating
Stretch Poly Twill 2X PU Coated Fourchettes
Neoprene Cuff with Velcro Closure for a Secure Fit
Palm Side Pull Tab for Quick Entry
Pre-Curved Fingers Provide Maximum Dexterity
Phone-Friendly Fingertips on Thumb and Index Fingers


Halldor Ripper Mitts


Ribspan back of hand chassis neoprene knuckle panel and cuff
Full synthetic leather palm
Full coverage silicone coating
Removable wrist leash
Halldor Helgason Pro Model
170g insulation
10k waterproofing
100% Polyester, Synthetic Leather Palm


Work Mitten


Full Genuine Leather Chassis
8oz Fiberfill Insulation packs in warmth to every corner of your hand
Bemberg Liner adds for warmth with divided fingers to combine dexterity
2×1 Elastic Rib Cuff offers secure fit with some straight up comfort
Palm Side Pull Tab for quick entry





From conceiving the dream on a road trip in 1997 then fast forwarding to 2002, Dustin Gross took action focusing on developing quality made hand wear, POW!
After years just hanging around as a hobby company, “doing what we gotta do to get by”. Dustin then brought in Dan Egan in 2005 as his design director who is “the man who gives us the look and feel”.
3 years later the brand began distributing across 30 countries, only 2 years after that in 2010 they secured themselves a GORE-TEX licence, creating the “Built to last” creed the company lives by now.

Zero Mitt

Waterproof HIPORA® Insert
Level 1 colab colourway
Low profile design
New full wrap closure
Amphib Grip palm
All season versatility

                                                                        Stealth Mitt

GORE-WARM® GORE-TEX® Technology keeping your hands warmer for longer
Waterproof and Breathable GORE-TEX® Glove
Premium water repellent leather
Fur lined inner cuff
NEW! Completely redesigned w/ a new fit and cuff


                                                                     Handicrafter Mitt

Waterproof HIPORA® insert
Goggle Squegee
Artwork from 1 of 3 Asymbol Artist
Fits over or under your jacket





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