Welcome to our tech review for the brand-new 2018 Rome Buckshot. The Buckshot was a “Good Wood” winner for 2017. They haven’t tinkered with the design too much for this years model. Reviewers of last year’s board said that although the Buckshot is part of Rome’s park collection, it really lends itself to all mountain riding. With its traditional camber profile and mellow sidecut it is going to carve a larger turning arc. That’s not to say that the Buckshot won’t do everything and more that you need from it in the park. It just means you’ll have more fun on the way there.


  • Type: Freestyle/Park
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Profile: Positive Camber
  • Flex: 6/10 (Medium)
  • Sizes: 147, ’51, ’55, ’58
  • Best for: Taking the park to the streets, out back, then back again…



Designed by Ozzy Henning and Toni Kerkelä (of Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate). Two young guns fluent in street boarding and hitting insane backcountry features. The Buckshot is built tuff with a heap of power and snap! These guys demand a freestyle board that will screech through turns, lock down rails and load up for plenty of pop. They’ve done just that with the Buckshot.

Last years offering had a softer flex through the waist due to its “skate-core” profiling. They’ve removed this tech in 2018, leading to a stiffer more responsive board. More in tune with its 6/10 flex rating.
Hotrod” tech sees a single rod of bamboo milled into core channels within the board, running down the center line under the bindings. This adds olllie and nollie pop, while not affecting the overall board flex. It will come into its own in the park for presses and at take off.

Rebound sidewalls” increase strength but also provided dampening which will absorb all those bumps and chatter on those not so good days, or if you’re mad enough to ride down the middle of the street! More strength against impact comes from basalt plates. They’re laid under the bindings to protect against core compression. Basalt is a dark fine-grained volcanic rock that’s super fine and super strong, thanks mother nature!!!

2018 Rome Buckshot HotRod Technology
2018 Rome Buckshot HotRod Technology

It Will Ride With Power and Take a Battering, It’s a Beast!

A Pop Core Matrix gives the Buckshot a nice balance of lightness, response and strength. The straightbiax laminate will keep the board flex balanced, fun and playful for flatland tricks. Going with a sintered base means more maintenance for you but it will keep your park laps nice and quick.

The graphic this year is on more of a contemporary art vibe than last year’s “Hitchcock’s Psycho” inspired look, with different colours for different sizes. If you go big the 158 comes in “dope as” Teal!

Ultimately what you’ve got in the Buckshot is a high performance park dominator for intermediate to advanced riders. It will ride with power and take a battering. If you need to race down the hill for last lifts it will hold its edge and turn hard, charging from contact point to contact point with that positive camber underfoot. It’s a beast!


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