Unless you’re a pro or a trust fund baby, then you’ve probably already figured out that snowboarding ain’t cheap.

You’re matching jackets with gloves, pants, boots and the perfect snowboard. That’s all before you fork out for lift tickets, that pimping chalet right next to the slopes and overpriced apres Jager Bombs…Arrgh!!

To relieve some of the pressure we’ve put together a list of the best “bang for your buck” boards that’ll make you ride like a boss on a minimum wage. Our top 10 snowboards under $400 USD…

DC P.B.J. $375.

DC P.B.J 2017 Snowboard
DC P.B.J 2017

Profile: Traditional Camber     

Flex: 5/10 (Med)

Sizes: 144, ‘49, ‘53, ‘55W, ‘57, ‘59W.

Best for: Boxes and rails


This board is bang for your buck gold! One of the cheapest high-performance freestyle and jib boards on the market.
Its appeal lies in its straightforward simplicity, with the traditional camber providing predictable stability and a comfortable forgiving ride.

The “Tear the Roof Off” top sheet has been re-imagined to soften the flex and cut weight while not losing any of its pop. For this no-frills park weapon they’ve even taken a few degrees off the rails to assist with butters and rails and give it a surfy, washy feel.

This board has just about enough of everything to keep any jib head park rat happy.

YES. Basic $399.

Yes Basic 2017 Snowboard
Yes Basic 2017

Profile: Hybrid

Flex: 7/10 (med-stiff)
Sizes: 146, ‘49, ‘52, ‘55, ‘56W, ‘58, ‘59W, ‘61, ‘63W
Best for: Anything you can imagine!

Like the Burton Custom or Ride’s Timeless series, this is YES.‘s tried and tested, year in and year outperformer. But along with a rock solid reputation, this deck can be yours at an entry-level price.

The hybrid profile (YES.‘s Camrock), and its true twin shape will keep riders happy, whatever their vice. With a wood core and a layer of biax fibreglass, the board delivers a standard to strong flex for predictable stability to keep you focused on progression.

Groomers, park, powder, the Basic will easily have you attacking the whole mountain. They’ve gone with the extruded base which won’t quite get you the land speed record but is more hard wearing. So less time in the shop means more time on the hill.

The main piece of high-end tech that sets the basic apart from the other mid to entry-level offerings is the “Underbite”. By stepping in two sections along the radial sidecut a few millimetres they’ve increased edge control and pressure with no extra pressure put on your legs. This makes for grippier turning and an enhanced carving arc with no drag.

Look to the (not at all) Basic if you’re ready to step up your game.

Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick $400.

DinosaursWillDie WizrdStick Snowboard 2017
Dinosaurs Will Die WizrdStick 2017

Profile: Hybrid camber    

 Flex: 4/10 (med-soft)

Sizes: 150, 54, 58    

 Bets for: Laid out slashes on slushie park days

From the pro rider owned company Dinosaurs Will Die, established in 2005/6, comes the old school pro rider Lucas Ouellette designed Wizard stick.

With its directional shape and setback stance you wouldn’t be foolish to assume that this board was built for half day hikes and backcountry booters, but here you’d be oh so wrong.

Although it will keep you well afloat in the powder this is a park lapping cab five throwing freestyle weapon. Definitely inline more with pop than butter it features a true twin shape, simple but effective poplar core, and a hybrid camber that features cambered sections under the feet and rocker at the ends it’s finished with an extruded bass and nice soft flex in a purpose-built backcountry faker. All this equals freestyle fun with a capital “F-F!”.

Burton Clash $400.

Burton Clash 2017 Snowboard
Burton Clash 2017

Profile: Flat    

Flex: 4/10 (medium)

Sizes: 139, 45, 51, 55, 57W, 58, 60, 6CW, 60 4W.

Best for: Getting betterer fasterer

This is a beginner board with its mindset on progression. If you are new to boarding and looking to purchase your first board, this one will be true to you through your second day, your second trip, even your second, third and fourth year. Going with the flat profile, combined with a biax fibreglass top sheet and extruded base provides plenty of flex and stability all with less contact points, you won’t have to worry so much about hookups while you transfer smoothly from edge to edge.

A genuine All mountain board it features a directional shape to keep you above the powder through the trees, an even flex pattern throughout that will have you covered riding switch through the park, and the flat base which will keep you dialled in on the boxes. The medium to soft flex lends itself to buttering rather than charging, but rest assured, if you want to go large you could do far worse than the Clash. A competent first-steed for any warrior on their first campaign.

Salomon craft $365.

salomon-craft snowboard 2017
Saloman Craft 2017

Profile: Hybrid camber     

Flex: 5/10 (medium)

Best for: Stomping everything! (like Pro Nils Mindnich)

This board has a camber underfoot, rocker at the tips,”Rock Out” hybrid profile.

Pop off the biggest hits and stomp the hardest landings. 

The construction will give you a skateboard feel but the centred, true twin shape coupled with rubber pads incorporated into the core makes sure you’re stable underfoot and keeps the rail riding forgiving and catch free. Pair all this with Solomon’s “EQ Rad” blended sidecut for edge hold, and “Popster” build for extra snap when launching off lips, and you have an unadulterated park dominator, no matter the price. Buy it now!!!

Rome Garage Rocker $300.

Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard 2017
Rome Garage Rocker 2017

Profile: Hybrid rocker     

Flex: 4/10 (Medium-Soft)

Sizes: 148, ‘52, ‘54, ‘59, ‘51mw, ‘54mw, ‘57mw, ‘60mw

Best for: Cruising the park with your crew…

Flat between the bindings with rocker at the nose and tail the garage rocker provides great stability and grip for powerful transitions through the flats but still enough float to get you surfing over the powder.

By using bamboo reinforcement throughout the construction the board offers a nice ollie pop without being too stiff. In fact, the flex is a quite forgiving medium soft and will keep you more than stoked while lapping the park.

“Quick Rip” offset sidecut makes for low-speed buttery playfulness and provides grippy control while at white-knuckle warp-10! With even more stability and stomp-proofing available in the mid-wide shapes.

A no-brainer for riders looking for an all mountain shredder at an amazing price.

Capita Outerspace Living $400.

Capita Outer Space Living 2017 Snowboard
Capita Outer Space Living 2017

Profile: Freeride Hybrid

Flex: 5/10 (Medium)

Sizes: 150, 52, 54, 56, 58.

Best for: Pressing and Impressing!

Capita have designed a true twin freestyle shaped, hybrid Camber, all mountain performance package deal that won’t hurt your wallet.

The blended camber features positive camber underfoot, to retain high-speed edge hold on all-terrain and elevated “flat kick technology” (Wah-Pow) to assist landings and mad floats in powder. Strong and forgiving, this board turns the whole mountain into your playground.

Poppy lightweight wood core gives a medium flex throughout and new ‘Titanal’ tech runs hardened aluminium struts through the topsheet for more strength and snappy playfulness.

All this radness for just $400 US. Buy one to fill out your quiver and I guarantee it will soon become your baby.

Slash Spectrum $389.

Slash Spectrum Snowboard 2017
Slash Spectrum 2017

Profile: Flat

Flex: 5/10 (Medium)

Sizes: 148, ’51, ’59W, ’54, ’57

Best for: Riding the steeps like a European legend (like Pro’s Gigi Ruf and Manuel Diaz)

Slash, Established in 2012, is the lovechild of baby faced assassin, Gigi Ruf and his twenty odd year affair with snowboarding.

The spectrum, like Gigi, is  freestyle minded, but its versatility means freestyle is an open concept, across any form of the snowboard medium.

Apart from the nose and tail kicks this board is completely “flat out like a lizard drinking”. This inevitably provides less pop than any camber deck, but will float over pow like a hoverboard and won’t get you caught up on your presses.

The “reactive flex” fibreglass underfoot gives a lively energy from tip to tail and heel to toe, which means the board can be manipulated torsionally. This noodle flex provides power throughout the board twisting it at the waist. The board will engage and disengage along its edge, and when perfected will lead to more seamless carves and smoother slides.

In Gigi’s own words – the spectrum is for those who view snow in the streets and mountains through a prism of possibilities, become one with the moment, only instinct guides you and your snowboard. Have fun!”

Ride Manic $390.

Ride Manic 2017 Snowboard
Ride Manic 2017

Profile: Directional Rocker

Flex: 3/10  (Medium soft)

Sizes: 152, 55, 58, 61 (All wide available)

Best for: Everything deep

The manic is your Smooth Operator for backcountry dominance. It has a flat camber between the bindings with rocker at the tip and tail.

The nose features an elongated rocker section, and this paired with a directional setback stance gives you all the powsurf you can handle. Linear carbon strung through the core and Ride’s signature “slime walls” drown out chatter at speed and keep your ride as smooth as a fist bump explosion!.

The flex is fairly soft which lends itself to some park fun as well, so you could say this is a smooth riding “all mountain” board, at its best on pillow lines and backcountry features.

Salomon Sanchez $350.

saloman sanchez snowboard 2017
Saloman Sanchez 2017

Profile: Flat Out Rocker

Flex: 4/10 (Medium-Soft)

Sizes: 148, 51, 55, 59

Best for: Nailing your first Cab 5!

From powder launches, groomer side hits and just about everything in the “big dog” park, this thing is dirty(Sanchez)!!
Built specifically for flight (and landing in one piece), all the famous features introduced in past seasons skate inspired board are back.

A shorter, wider “rocket science” shape makes it more maneuverable to engage spins and launch big while keeping those landings stable. The flat to rocker camber and soft Flex makes it more forgiving on presses and an “aspen strong” core provides the pop. When the freshies have melted this park hungry mongrel was born with wings, and will keep a smile on your dial all afternoon.

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