The 2020 kinda freaked people out last year. By pushing our own creative envelope and disrupting the limits of what a modern snowboard factory could mass-produce, we set an industry milestone that we’re very proud of.


Deep pronounced concaves at either end of this short, true-twin outline cause the board’s planing angle in powder to mimic a traditional directional board, even with your weight centered. The forward (or leading) concave draws air under the hull causing lift. That same shape on the trailing end is an exaggerated rocker line that speeds the release of snow causing the tail to drop. Land switch and the same thing happens.

The Forward Concave draws air under the hull causing lift.

And with its wide waist width and tight sidecut, this board rips hardpack and park laps too. There’s no need to compromise anymore with the 20/20 Powderhull.