These 7 Exercises, specifically designed to help snowboarders, can be completed at home to help your fitness and mobility training in the lead up to and during the snow season. A little bit of preparation goes a long way with anything athletic, and snowboarding is no exception.

This short and easy to follow routine will not only enhance performance, but drastically reduce the risk of injury, and keep you on the mountain for longer, and can be done anywhere. The idea of this routine is to keep the movements going until you feel activated and mobile.

These exercises are suggested as a training guide only, always train within your abilities. Any injury sustained from proper or improper use of this exercise routine is solely the responsibility of the exerciser. We suggest that you consult a healthcare professional before attempting any new exercise or exercise program.

This video is part of our HOW TO GET SNOWBOARD FIT SERIES – click on the below link to view Pt.1.

How to get Snowboard Fit with Joint Preservation Training – Pt.1


  1. Hip extensions: targets glutes and hamstrings primarily and is used as an activation exercise
  2. Single Leg Hip extensions: same as #1 but aimed to get glutes and hamstrings firing independently
  3. Elevated Plank with straight arm raise: purpose is to engage core and focus on stability required to not shift through the hips when raising arm
  4. Elevated Plank with mountain climbers: same purpose as exercise #3 however it activates area in different way
  5. Band pull-apart into dislocate: purpose to engage upper back musculature, and increase shoulder mobility
  6. Same exercise as above, Spiderman lunge to stand: purpose to free up Hips and increase thoracic mobility
  7. Tabletop: glute/ abdominal /upperback/ hamstring activation plus hip/upperback mobility

Special thanks to Joint Preservation Training

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