The Banana Open went down a few weeks back in the newly finished Wanda Harbin Snowdome in China. The snowdome is the world’s largest indoor snowsports centre with 80.000 square meters, a 520 m long piste and a height of 120 meters. The Banana Open is an international level snowboard slopestyle event. Featuring local and international riders, the Open, put on by Banana Sports was a huge success.

The Banana Jump
Nick Baden by a nose at the Banana Open

The invitational event showcased snowboarding to the people of Harbin, China as snowboarding in the country is seeing staggering growth. This is due to China having  the fastest growing global economy, the world biggest population (1.3 bil +) and an affinity to snowboarding stemming from developments such as the Wanda Park. It also helps that Beijing, China has landed the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Behind the scenes with the Yibu Snowparks Crew

As part of the international contingent the WKNDRS and Mayhem crews made the trip to Harbin to represent. They were not disappointed. The Wanda Park is claiming the title of the most professional indoor slopestyle course ever completed, anywhere in the world! The park features two scaffolded 40ft tabletops running into a battleship up-flat-down rail with an alternative steep rail line to the side. Check out their invasion of the Far East here.

Banana Open Jumps
The slopestyle jumps at Wanda Snowpark

The amount of effort and ingenuity that went into the build was phenomenal. In charge of the build were the park team from Yibu Snowparks. They’ve done a great job succumbing the challenges of building a park for such a unique event. Here we’ve got you there awesome behind the scenes photo journal of the build and the event as it happened. What went down looked like hard work and fun times.

The Build

Scaffolding the jumps
The scaffolding being laid for the landings.
Garage work
The Yibu team getting busy in the garage
Yibu shirts off
Artificial indoor sun’s out, gun’s out
The big banana
Here comes the hot nana
Wanda snowpark big banana
Is that a banana in your park, or you just happy to see me??
The Yibu snowparks crew
The Yibu snowparks crew on shaping duty
The Yibu boys
The Yibu boys take a well earned beer – Cheers

The Banana Open

Antoine Truchon Banana Open
Antoine Truchon was strong all the way through the comp, but unfortunately couldn’t put down a good run in finals
Eric Beauchemin Banana Open
Eric Beauchemin was solid all the way to 3rd place
Darcy Sharpe Banana open
Darcy Sharpe was in pole position all the way to the very last run…
Roope Tonteri banana open
But Darcy couldn’t hold off a final round, last run attack from Finland’s Roope Tonteri, who stomped a perfect run to claim the victory
Banana Open winners
Roope (1st), Darcy (2nd) and Eric (3rd) celebrating with $50,000 in prize money.

and of course The After Party

banana open after party
Sunbay Lounge for the Banana Open after party
big winner banana open
Blue steel
Banana Open party
B-boy making with the beat freak
Banana open beers
All good things come to an end

Huge thanks go out to the Yibu snowparks crew for providing all images for this article.

The Yibu boys wish to thank;

  • Banana Sports, for having the audacity to even attempt this in the first place!
  • All the Wanda Harbin Snowdome staff who helped us overcome the challenges of this build!
  • Sunbay Lounge, for a perfect after party, and being the perfect spot for shredders and shapers to hang out!
  • Harry He from Farentec, for the best snowblower ever!
  • All the sponsors of this event, your support drives our sport!
  • All the riders.. because the best reward is watching you guys shred our course!
  • And everyone else who supported this event, and continue to support Yibu Parks.. we love you all!

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