We told you about the Big Air competition but the High Five festival is not only about big airs. And this trip was not only about looking at other people perform.

When a company takes you on a press trip, they want to make sure you’ll have the time of your life. This usually means legit hotels, dope food and plenty of ways to waste your time and keep you away from work. Well, journalistic ethics would want us to stick to the job. Cover every square inch of the city in search of a juicy story. We didn’t. We stormed the breakfast buffet and joined an eclectic crew made up of French journalists, some professional YouTubers, Sosh executives, PR people and freeride champion Anne-Flore Marxer.

The Sosh big air seen from Lake Annecy – © JH

After a 10-minute boat-trip along side Annecy’s fanciest houses we had to make a choice: stand-up paddle, wakeboard or wake-surf? I chose the second and climbed on another boat with three other guys – beginners, like me. One of them, working for French newspaper Le Figaro was so hyped that after a few well managed rides, he couldn’t help but smile. He vowed to convince his parents, owners of a small boat in the south of France, to buy a wakeboard for their next holiday.

I did good, I guess. Getting up is hard A.F., but once you’re on your feet, the feelings are close to the ones you get on a snowboard. Shredding on the wake made me eager for the winter to begin, though. On another boat, Anne-Flore Marxer was wakesurfing. Once she got the right speed, she just let go the handle and rode the wave for as long as she could. This looked properly epic.

After a stop at a renowned restaurant, we got back to the city and met with Thomas Delfino. We interviewed him before he went signing posters in front of the bus he travelled in with the Picture team. When I first met him, he was competing in half-pipes. Now, he camps on Alaska glaciers and embarks on the craziest trips. The movie Stormtrooper tells his story. We were lucky enough to see it in a theatre, but it’s worth it even on a computer screen. If you’re down with real adventure, this will get you hooked.

The Picture bus @ High Five festival – © JH

We also saw TurboDojo and Arcadia on a big screen. If you have any chance of seeing a snowboard flick in a theatre, don’t think twice. Sure, the sound blasted so loud it felt like a near-deaf experience sometimes. But watching the best pros make insane tricks in the sweetest spots makes good memories. You feel like winter is all around you. You feel like you’re dropping from that cliff or flying that helicopter. The fact that the riders come on stage to say “hi” is also sweet, of course. And that’s the heart of the High Five: bring the best movies to the audience, in the best environment possible. Free popcorn, pros dropping by, a shitload of goodies: those guys know how to do things. Luckily enough, Annecy’s High Five is not the only snowboard film festival around. There’s plenty of chance one’s on near you: check it, get your tickets and get ready for winter!

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