’ve crossed Halldór Helgason’s path a few times during Annecy’s High Five festival, but the idea to ask for an interview did not really pop in my mind until the very last day of the event. As I came out of Arcadia‘s screening, Transworld’s new snowboard flick, I was still mesmerized by the 26 year-old Icelandic rider’s part. Owner of multiple snowboard brands with his equally talented brother Eiki, Halldor is packed with style and always down to put a good dose of fun in his snowboarding. We exchanged emails and I sent a few questions some days later. Here’s what came back from one of today’s most interesting snowboarders.

Hi Halldór, you came to Annecy for Arcadia’s premiere, but you also took part in the big air contest. Are contests something you still enjoy a lot?

“Hell yeah! It just depends what kind of contest and what format. But Larrogs [Julien Haricot, team manager for Lobster, Bataleon and Switchback], the king himself asked me if I was down to be a part of this contest… And of course I’m down if it’s something Larrogs asks me to do, haha! I can’t really say it was a contest either, because before we started, we all decided to split the prize money, and just cruise and have a good time.”

-Contests are a thing I don’t really back, to be honest-

“For me, the hardest thing with contests these days is that you never know what kind of conditions it’s going to be. And I’m done with sending it when it’s pure ice, windy, foggy or whatever. Also, it’s pretty much only the technical part that counts and I’m far behind on the tricks compared to those guys! Contests are a thing I don’t really back, to be honest. Spinning and flipping as much as you possibly can until you hit the ground doesn’t get me pumped to snowboard. It’s impressive, but I’m tired of it.”

 You really seemed to have so much fun during the contest. Your whole attitude was very laidback. But before the show started, I saw you wax your board. You took so much care at it, really making sure it was perfect in every point…

“I definitely agree with that. I’m really serious when it comes to the setup I’m riding. I know exactly how I want it to be and that’s important to me.”

Halldor preps his steed – © JH
Halldór preps his steed – © JH

You landed a really impressive trick on the big air but… No one knew how to call it! How do you call it?

“Thank you man, that means a lot to me! I first did it at Superpark this year. The plan was to do a cork backside 360 method, and I’ve been calling it the “Methflip”. But I have been doing it on normal jumps, and it’s kind of a front roll and then, when I tweak the method backwards, I get the rotation for a frontside 180 in the end. I have been calling this one “Methflip rewind”. I’m really hyped on all the crazy tweaks and rewinds that I’m seeing nowadays.”

Halldór Helgason – ©Like That
Halldór Helgason – ©Like That

-a cork backside 360 method…I’ve been calling it the “Methflip”-

“Recently, I have been getting so much inspiration from some of the first snowboarding movies, that’s getting me so pumped on jumping again! The riders are just super loose and tweaking as much as they can, doing random tricks… I really enjoy those kind of movies, like Snowboarders in Exile for example.”

It’s not the first time you named a trick. A few years ago, you came with the “Lobster flip”, a double BS Rodeo 1080 Japan. You decided to name it after your snowboard brand. Was it more of a joke or was it important for you to name a trick after it?

“It was completely random! I just said it in the Helgasons.com edit after I tried it at Air & Style the first time and it just stuck, haha!”

Speaking of which. Most of your sponsors are brands you created – with your brother Eiki. Is it better to be a part of the brand you represent, and isn’t it too much work?

“I really enjoy it, because you have full control and can do whatever makes you stoked. Snowboarding is something I want to work with for the rest of my life: I want to hook up the younger generation, be a team manager and so on. But it’s definitely hard work and sometimes, it’s hard to stay focused on my snowboarding when there is too much going on with the brands. It’s also a learning process for me and Eiki, so it’s getting easier and easier now: we are learning more and more every year.”

You had the last part in Transworld’s Arcadia, which means you had the best part of the video. Congratulations on that! How many last parts did you have in your career?

“I think this was my fourth last part. It feels insane! It means so much to me because I put in a lot of hard “work” in video parts. I always kind of know how and what I want to do before the season starts, so I use the summer to brainstorm!”

-Hell yeah! When someone tells me my part got them pumped…that’s victory for me right there!-

 To me, the definition of a good snowboarding part is when it makes you want to go ride instantly and yours did that, for sure. What are you trying to do when you film? Do you have the watcher’s pleasure in mind?

“Hell yeah! That’s all I want to hear when people watch my part. When someone tells me my part got them pumped to snowboard, that’s victory for me right there! So thank you for that.”

Your Wikipedia page is totally crazy, with such sentences as “Halldor “sent it” again, dropping a heavy part with lots of “steez” in every trick”… You don’t really expect to find this on Wikipedia! Also, I wasn’t aware that “The day Halldór became a pro snowboarder the world lost an unimaginably glorious model – the feats he could have reached are inconceivable.” Did you really turn your back on a modeling career?

“Haha man… Johannes Brenning wrote a lot of random stuff, and somehow it ended up on Wikipedia… I’m so hyped on it!”

What’s the plan for the upcoming season? Do you know who you’ll be filming with?

“Yessir, I’m going to be filming for SideDoor projects, which is a new production company, a combination of Transworld Snow and Snowboarder magazine. That’s going to be a good time for sure!”

Anything you’d like to add?

“If you can Dream it, you can Cream it! Always snowboard the way you want to and you will love snowboarding forever.”

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