Arthur Longo is 29 years old but it seems like he’s been around forever. Over the years, the Les Deux-Alpes native has made a name for himself thanks to good results in competition. But what really sets him apart from the crowd is his cat-like style and his utter kindness. We met with the Volcom rider down the Sosh Big Air, in early October.


Arthur Longo – © Like That
Arthur Longo – © Like That


Hi Arthur. You’re known for having pursued a career both in filming and in competition. That is not that common…
“Yeah, totally. I have stopped competing for good a bit more than a year ago, though. I have done my share of real, professional competitions with training, coaches and all that! But I come from a generation where it was cool to be able to do everything, be it backcountry, contests… but contests almost as a hobby. I tried everything. That’s how I found my place, my balance. I’ve always done events and filmed parts at the same time.

“For [The Olympic Games in] Sochi, on the other hand, I went full ahead. I had a good experience there. In Vancouver, the previous Olympics, I was selected kind of last minute. I’d been lucky, but it didn’t really count. For Sochi, I really prepared ahead. I played the game. I made a plan two years prior the event. It was nice to know where I was headed to for the next two years. It was my sole target. I was good until one month before the event. Then, I hurt my ribs. The conditions were not that good… Well, not the kind in which I really had a chance so… I did my experience.”

The Olympics is not a dream I want to live every four years

“I went there but I did not feel the need to go at it again. It’s also linked to an injury I had a year and a half ago. After that, I decided to stop competitions. Anyways, I was happy to do the Olympics, but it’s not a dream I want to live every four years!”

Arthur Longo – © JH

So what about filming? You mostly shoot with Volcom, right?
“Yes, it’s my main sponsor. I’ve been with them for more than ten years, so we know each other. It’s a brand that suits me a lot, and I guess I bring them what they want. So we find projects we are both happy to work on. But this year, Vans is making a team movie. They shot for two years. It will be out in January and it’s Vans Sowboard’s first movie. It should be one of the nicest videos of the year. I filmed the whole winter for this video but most of the team shot for two years. It’s a really good project.”

“As for the upcoming season, we’re in October: that’s usually the time when things get in place. I have ideas, I have projects, but it’s the time when you organise. Nothing’s set, but interesting things should be coming. I should feature in a big movie, and I have other side projects.”

Last year, you published Side Hits Euphoria, one of the best short movies of the season in my opinion…

…So I hoped you’d make several episodes!
“Haha! Yeah, it’s a project I wanted to do for some time. We eventually got into it and we made it with what we gathered in the beginning of the season. We called it “Chapter 1”, so it’s true that it may have implied there would be more… I hope we did not disappoint people! It’s the kind of stuff we really like, so we’re not giving up on it. We may do some more.”

Side Hits Euphoria – designed to look like a skate video, with lines instead of one trick at a time

You’re really playing with the environment, shredding a lot, in it… Is it something that matters in your snowboarding?
“Yeah, totally, because it’s always a part of snowboarding. It’s what people do all the time. Even when I was competing in half-pipe, there was always a track to go to the pipe and I would do these kinds of tricks. But it hasn’t been filmed that much – almost never, actually. So I was motivated to show it. Also, it’s quite easy with the Gimbles and steadycams. It feels like you’re with the rider, it makes really good shots. I also wanted it to look like a skate video, with lines and not only one trick at a time. The idea was quite simple, but people loved it.”

How did you choose the resorts to shoot it? We see you quite often in Serre-Chevalier, right?
“Yeah, it happens because I live in Les Deux-Alpes. It’s not far but the weather conditions are not necessarily the same. So sometimes, it’s worth it to come south in Serre-Che, and this was the case here. There wasn’t any snow and Montgenèvre was the first resort to open. We wanted to ride so much but it was quite early– November, I guess. We had sick conditions in Montgenèvre. Then we spent a day in Serre-Che and then, it was Christmas holidays.”

“In December, there was no snow at all so we went to the USA. We had wanted to do this trip for some time. Mount Bachelor is a mountain that is known for its changing terrain, its wind-lips, and there was a lot of snow. But what’s good with this kind of project, and this kind of riding, is that you can do it everywhere. Sure, some resorts are better than others, but even in the shittiest resort, you can find some stuff to shred.”

 Well, that’s a good advice for the upcoming winter! Thanks a lot.

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