The 2017 snow season in Australia is off the charts. It’s mid September and in previous years this would mean a lot of grass on the mountains, spring flowers and bikers coming out. Mother nature is saying “stuff that shit” and is keeping the snow dumping! It’s been so insane this year that each blizzard is getting it’s own designation. Blizzard of Oz 1, 2.0 and most recently 3.0. Blizzard of Oz 3.0 hit on September 4th and dumped close on 1.5m (60in) of snow in resorts across the country. In the next week every resort is expecting about one foot more. It just won’t end – and we are clapping.

thredbo village snow dump image
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The Snow Season that Keeps on Giving

In the next week we are looking at 40cm in Ohau (NZ), 35cm in Falls Creek (AUS) and just under 30cm in Thredbo (AUS). At this stage the season is extending in every Australian resort to October 1st with Mt Buller and Perisher operating until October 8 and Cardrona in New Zealand going until the 15th. This is insane!! The season usually ends in Australia mid September.

Snowfall prediction


– Blizzard of Oz 1 (August 4): 135cm

– Blizzard of Oz 2.0 (August 17): 60cm

– And…. 3.0 (September 4): 140cm+

Shall we call the coming weekend Blizzard of Oz 3.5 – it won’t be as big but it will add another perfect spring layer of awesome.

Perisher is currently sitting with a base of 233cm which is the best since 2000.

Snowfall Bases Australia New Zealand September 2017


So how is that during the hottest winter in Australian history we also have one of the best snow seasons? Moronic presidents would argue that climate change can’t be working because it’s been so cold. Idiots aside, climate change is about stuffing up the routine of the planet, the natural cycles that we have decimated with our planetary pillaging. Those huge hurricanes that have been causing havoc in the Atlantic are most likely related to the large and unique snowstorms of Australia. Or as Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm would likely say “it’s chaos baby.”

The CSIRO’s climate change modelling predicts, under a low-risk scenario, by 2050, the average snow season across Victoria and some of New South Wales will become 20 to 55 days shorter and, under a worst-case scenario, 30 to 80 days shorter — all but obliterating the 112-day ski season. But they also mention how unpredictable individual seasons can be. This season would definitely be an exception to the rule.

Heavy Snowfall in Australia
Photo credit to Mt Hotham

Regardless of the climate level “hectic”, we are all very grateful for dumps this year and Australia is applauding this spring riding from heaven. To get Snow Reports for your mountain of choice hit up our Snow Reports Page.


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