UPDATED ARTICLE: Burton has contacted us saying this is NOT A RECALL just an update of the Step On binding hardware, please ride with your boot cleats engaged in Position 2 ONLY until you have completed the upgrade. Details below. Apologies to anyone if our post came across as misleading, not our intention, we just want safe boarders on the slopes. Happy shredding……………..the Snowboard.com team.

The below announcement says it all. The Burton Step On Bindings are being recalled, to a point. There are three options. You can take them into a Burton dealer to be fixed, ship them to your nearest Burton service centre (free of charge) or have a part sent to you. However in their current state in Position 1 they are defective. This is not the best for a binding/ boot combo that is probably the most popular and wanted snowboarding item of the current season. With limited release worldwide sell outs this doesn’t spell out abundant success for the binding that has been in development for five years.

We strongly advise an immediate update to the Heel Cleat on your Step On Boots-Burton Press Release-

The good news is that you can continue to use them on Position 2 and await for the replacement part. Or have them returned for your purchasing store or Burton to sort it out for you. See below information from Burton on how to have your bindings sorted out.

Burton Step On image


The Heel Cleat component found on all Burton Step On™ boots features two levels of connection with two different engagement positions. Position 1 is designed to accommodate for underfoot snowpack. The final heel engagement position, Position 2, is the optimal and most common riding position.

We’ve discovered a possible issue in which the Heel Cleat may not properly engage when in Position 1. While this only affects the functionality of Position 1, we strongly advise an immediate update to the Heel Cleat on your Step On boots. Until this update has been made, please ride with the Heel Cleat engaged in Position 2.

Please check out www.Burton.com/StepOnUpdate to read more about the issue and the quick fix instructions.

Burton Step On Recall Old Cleat Vs New Cleat

This fix is very easy to do in the shop or for customers to do at home – it takes just a few screw turns to replace the part. The Burton seller where you obtained your Burton Step On Bindings can send you the part to ensure you can do this at home or they can do it in store for you if you prefer. Customers can also request cleats directly through  www.Burton.com/StepOnUpdate should they want to correct this at home without waiting for the part to come via stores.

Throughout the five-year development of Step On, Burton has done their best to design, test and learn as much as they can from a wide variety of scenarios in a variety of conditions, but it is always a challenge to anticipate everything.  That said, the system was designed to make any unforeseen updates easy to execute, this being one of those.

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