Even though the Camp of Champions decided to close for the summer, the Momentum Ski Camp stayed open. Founder John Smart going on to say that the camp is having it’s best summer in 26 years. “It’s better than ever. It’s phenomenal this year”

Momentum saw about 800 campers hit the Blackcomb Glacier terrain park. The park featured a mogul course, rails and progressive kickers up to an impressive 65ft.

“Every year we make our park better, and this year was a step up again because we had more snow to work with,” said Smart. This was probably due to the closure of the the COC.

Was global warming a factor?

Legendary COC founder, Ken Achenbach released a statement online saying that the camp would be closed indefinitely. He cited global warming as a factor saying that there wasn’t enough snow to build the park just across from the Momentum park.

All the while Smart insist that their was more than enough snow for their camps build. “We’ve never had so much snow to work with… it’s absolutely the opposite situation”.

An ulterior motive may be afoot here with the Camp of Champions’ highly publicized bankruptcy last month.

The closure of COC did have an effect on the Momentum camp with potential questions over the glacier’s snow quality. “It put a bad word out about what was up there, when it’s phenomenal up there…I think it probably cut off a lot of people who were thinking about coming.” Smart explained.

But not to let any bad publicity get in the way of a business opportunity, the former skiers only Momentum camp took the opportunity to invite some dirty knuckle dragging snowboarders to come session their park. The Canadian National Snowboard team jumped onboard and have been doing some summer training for the upcoming Olympics.

Smart really stood up for them noting that in an Olympic year it’s “a pretty big instigator for us to step up and do something for them”. “They were just being left out to dry. It was a very last-minute pulling of the plug, so we had to make that decision pretty quickly for them too.” he added.

The BrainCage Crew, keeping the dream alive

Check out this edit from The BrianCage crew as they hit the Blackcomb Glacier for some fun in the sun. No Camp of Champs??? No worries! We just need bongs, 40’s and rails.

Featuring – Quin Ellul, Bryan Bowler, Brin James Alexander. Bensen Frapiccini, Russell Beardsley, Braedon G Wheeler, Mark Goodall, Darcy Sharpe. Brodey Wolfe, Lucio Doglioni Majer, Jasper Fast, Martyn Vachon and Etienne Duval Phaneuf.
Filmed by Andrew Collier, Kyler Lang.
Edited by Kyler Lang.

In the future, Momentum may open their doors to all snowboarders each season, but in the meantime the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club has opened a club in the Camp of Champions’ previous location. The dream is still alive!

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