Because falling on snow is too darned soft and only for pussies, you can now do it on concrete! The cray crays at Leif Technologies have come up with an electric powered hybrid snowboard/skateboard to give a more realistic snowboarding experience while you skate. Available from June 5th, they have now started taking orders on the Leif eSnowboard.

Leif eSnowboard image

The Concept

In a moment of snowboarder enlightenment they realised they couldn’t bring the mountains to themselves every day, so they changed the environment that could be boarded on. The crew at Leif Technologies are snow / skate / surf / wakeboarders inventing products that bring their passion of boarding (and adrenaline) to your everyday routines.


Their mission is to create new, exciting ways to experience the day-to-day environment – and this drive is at the core of every product they build.


Leif eSnowboard image

Leif eSnowboard Tech

The Leif eSnowboard has everything you would need to board/skate…. Shall we call it “skoard”? Adjustable bindings give you enough support for manoeuvres but still easy enough to disembark without falling on your butt. It is powered by Lithium-ion batteries and they now have 5, 10 or 15 miles range batteries (about 8, 16 and 24 kilometers). It can peak at a zippy speed of 23mph, that’s a whopping 37kph (even uphill). You won’t even want to consider coming off at that speed!

It can peak at a zippy speed of 23mph, that’s a whopping 37kph!

The omni-directional wheel set up enables you to ride freely in 360 degrees, it truly is a genius piece of tech. The battery packs can be swapped, so you can carry a few in your backpack and extend the trip. The flight deck has battery indicator lights. Just look between your feet and you will see how much juice you have left in the tank. To top it off, it is water resistant and the decks are built by Never Summer Snowboards.


Leif eSnowboard image

Safety First

All the reviews so far appear positive. We can see quite a high danger level in riding the Leif eSnowboard and can’t imagine anyone would be stupid enough to “skoard” unless they are either a talented snowboarder or skater already. Both preferably. And very important peeps – SAFETY FIRST – you will need a helmet and wrist-guards at minimum for riding this board.


If it floats your boat, the Leif eSnowboard will only set you back a bit over $1600US with more to pay for extra batteries. And if you pre-order now, they are offering $50 off first orders that start shipping on June 5. They also have free shipping in the USA.


We give it two thumbs up. The tech looks sound and the theory is pure genius. Ideally, we would prefer to test it. By “we”, we mean our “Boss Man Dan”, riding it on a freeway somewhere while the rest of us would follow in the comfort of a vehicle with camera, projectiles and a nurse.


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