If a Tron light cycle and a freestyle snowboard ever “hooked up” their offspring might look a little something like this: the Neon LED Snowboard. Perhaps a gimmick, perhaps as cool as a souped-up drift car in a Fast and Furious race scene, it does look pretty sick. It only has a night riding appeal obviously and will only be ideal for resorts offering night boarding. But for those people who make night time escapades a priority then you will definitely be the safest and easiest to spot on the slopes. You will also look pretty fracking awesome.

If you get a lot of air, it basically turns into a pooping unicorn riding a rainbow



Japanese manufacturers 3 Enomoto is currently trialing its third prototype LED board.

The board is packed with sensors and microcomputer and has a trick detection feature which causes lights to react to the rider’s moves. The harder you board the more the light reacts – if you get a lot of air, it basically turns into a pooping unicorn riding a rainbow.

3 Enomoto LED snowboard

The board features a number of lighting sequences and a 24-bit full-color spectrum. There is also bluetooth connection so lighting patterns can be synced with music of choice instead of board movement.

The boards are not yet in production but interested peeps are applying pressure to 3 Enomoto for a Kickstarter to fund production and judging on the amount of interest on the YouTube video and on Reddit we could be seeing this Kaleidoscope Kicker on  slopes soon.
I am very curious to see how much weight is added to the board and how long term use would effect the sensors. The board is going to be shaken to the shiz and rode on a lot of wet surfaces. Both environments are not necessarily ideal for electronic equipment. We are also curious on the battery life, as well as the charge time…

3 Enomoto LED snowboard

What do you think? Yay or nay? Would you be keen to ride the light fantastic or leave it in the gimmick pile?

*** Screenshots courtesy of 3 Enomoto’s Video ***