All hail Red Gerard! His outstanding, GOLD Medal winning performance at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics is something people will talk about for a very long time. From being ranked last after the first two runs to smashing home that third and final run to take gold was a moment that had snowboarders around the world holding their breath. We bow to that skill and fluid steeze. But paling in comparison to this gargantuan feat is Red Gerard’s Hat from the Jimmy Kimmel show. WTF is it?





Since Gerard took the gold he has become an international celebrity and household name. Him and his family are a bunch of characters the world is currently embracing. He managed to slip in the F-Bomb and “Holy Shit” on international television and his entire family and himself are an unfiltered tight-knit group that have a lot of fun. An 18 strong force of the Gerards have been in PyeongChang for most of the Olympics. And the world is currently obsessed with them and their verb “Gerarded” – as in getting so sloshed they become Gerarded. Haha. While the mainstream media is painting them as a bunch of alcoholic hicks they really are just a close snowboarding family – it’s not polo and tea on the weekends – its SENDING IT FUCKING HARD! The biggest senders tend to also be the biggest partiers so bravo to them all. True kindred spirits!!


Red Gerard and that Hat
Red Gerard and the Hat Care of Buzzfeed News



Another member of the Gerard family debuted to the world this week – the totally Gerarded hat! I cannot sit through the Jimmy Kimmel interview below without being hypnotised by Red’s momentous hat – a true monstrosity that deserves praise, worship and even it’s own sponsorship!

I mean what is it exactly? It appears to be a combination of cap underneath a whacky felt/ wool train conductor’s hat in the vein of Nintendo’s Super Mario. It’s the same height as his head so does make Red much taller than he is. It also makes him immediately different from the norm and I can imagine some serious future dreads rolled up in there. It screams to me that this kid can party – shot gunning beers and all – or maybe sodas because he is only seventeen after all. What I fail to understand is how Jimmy got through the entire interview without bringing it up – people need to know Jimmy! What happens if people want to be like Red? Where can I get one? How can I assemble one? I do love a mad hat and am currently sporting a blue knitted bowler so this would be awesome addition to my Quiver!!




Red now makes it into the echelons of crazy hat wearing celebrities. Johnny Depp will be freaking he didn’t come up with this combo hat first! Snoop Dogg will nod, smile and go “yeah boy.” Pharrell will be happy and Mario will let out an enthused “Mamma Mia.” I do hope this becomes his off-mountain trademark look because it is completely batshit crazy and the world needs a lot more of that. Rock on Red – love your work!




If you have further reliable information on this next level hat please let us know – there could be a small merch pack in it for you :).

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