The windy Hel Peninsula in Poland is known locally as a kite/wind surfing mecca, but it recently became home to a summer snowboarding party event:

SNOW ON HEL – One and Only Snowboarding Event by the Polish Seaside

Organized by local one stop board shop Let’s Board the event was praised as an unforgettable spectacle with a great atmosphere. The team trucked in 100 tons of snow along with some of the best Polish riders in the region. The objective? To tear up the man made features right by the sunny beach side.

Sun, sea, bikinis and snowboarding, the scene was set for an awesome event. The crazy idea all came together on Aug 5th with the challenging build set up on scaffolding across the beach. The track featured some demanding technical obstacles. Including a down rail, a pvc drain pipe and a up flat down over an old car gap.

The crowds exceeded the Snow on Hel organisers expectations with 2000 revelers enjoying the event. The popularity due to the unbeatable recipe of laid-back summer vibes and the awesome snowboarding spectacle.

The level of riding was high, but after a fierce competition the top podium spot went to fan favourite Wojtek „Gniazdo” Pawlusiak. Rafał Sypień and Maciek Krywult took out second and third respectively.

The event was a huge success and organisers wish to thank;

Let’s Board, Volkswagen Samochody
Użytkowe, Ride, Dakine, Electric, GoPro. WakeLove, KiteRulez, Red Bull, SuperSnow, Cisowianka,
Chałupy6, Pitbull Sport. Baltica, Nobile, Pakalolo, Board For KIds,, SITS, Kotelnica. Hotel Bania,
Visit HelDeskshop, Trickboard and Toro Performance Group.

All photos by Szulcworks

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