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Metal Watch Belt Woman

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Electronics and computers Accessories and Parts Apeks Metal Watch Belt Woman. The Apeks 1000m Dive Watch is made from 316L stainless steel which is exceptionally tough allowing it to easily withstand the abuse that can be experienced when diving.A one-way rotating bezel allows you to keep track of elapsed dive time with ease.A heavy duty polyurethane strap keeps the watch securely fastened to your wrist while remaining comfortable to wear for long periods of time.The Apeks 1000m Watch is fitted with mineral glass to provide excellent resistance to scratching.The Apeks 1000m Dive Watch features a three hand dial along with a date display.A helium escape valve will vent gas from the watch body once the internal pressure of the watch is roughly 4.5 Bar higher than ambient pressure.The helium valve has a cap which provides protection when the watch is worn casually.The Apeks Mens 1000m Dive Watch is ideal for active divers who are looking for a watch that they can wear at all times without

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