Almost Organics Impact Light – Rodney Mullen Skateboard Deck 8.125″


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Features:Dimensions: 8.125″ x 32″Wheelbase: 14.25″Concave: Mellow w/ Steep KickPro Model: Rodney MullenConstruction: IMPACT Light, Single PressMaterials:7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple w/ Epoxy Resin GlueDie-cut Carbon-fiber Top Laminate InsertWhy it’s Better: Lightest model deck, Stronger with Longer lasting pop and Longer deck life.These boards are made with 100% Canadian Maple with Carbon-fibre inserts using IMPACT Light Technology in a Single Press, making them one of the lightest and strongest decks on the market which are superior to industry standard 7-Ply. These decks are of the highest quality, providing excellent pop that lasts and consistent shape for every deck.

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