Arbor Coda Rocker Midwide Snowboard


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The Coda Rocker is designed for the seasoned freerider who’s at home in or out of bounds and needs a board that’s up to all challenges. The design is about versatility. No matter the terrain or snow condition, this is your everyday resort and backcountry performer. The Coda is available in both a Rocker System and Camber System version. The Coda Rocker offers a more surfy ride with natural float and cleaner tracking. DOUBLE BARREL II: Arbor”s most progressive core, made from poplar, reinforced with bamboo running along the rails for serious big–mountain riding. * Mountain Twin * The Rocker System * Thunderhead Tip Profile * Bamboo Power Ply * Double Barrel II Core * Sintered Base * Mixed Glassing * 2×4 14-Pack Inserts * 360 Rails * Three Year Warranty * Flex Meter: 7/10

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