Arbor Swoon Rocker Snowboard


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The Swoon Rocker is a responsive mountain-twin snowboard designed for experienced women riders who require the highest level of performance from their snowboard. Expect amazing float in powder with improved control in the steeps and at higher speed. New for this year, Arbor has significantly reduced the weight of the Swoon and adjusted the flex to make the board turn and pop with more fluidity. The Rocker System design provides a surfy ride with natural float and cleaner tracking. * Bamboo Power Ply * Single Malt Core LT * Sintered Base * Mixed Glassing * 2×4 14-Pack Inserts * 360Β° Rails * Thunderhead Tip * Three Year Warranty * The Rocker System * Womens Specific/Mountain Twin * Flex Meter: 6/10

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