Asics GEL-ZARACA 5 PS Junior Running Shoe

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Asics GEL-ZARACA 5 PS Junior Running Shoe Bounce through every step of your day on the sports field, at school and with your friends as these kids running shoes feel as light as air. The amazingly lightweight GEL-ZARACA 5 trainers give kids the freedom to stay active wherever they are. The distinctive minimalist design combines a low profile with cushioning for a natural running stride. The flexible Zaraca stands the test of time too. The Asics Gel-Zaraca 5 PS Junior Running Shoe is constructed with an open mesh upper which provides excellent comfort and breathability. Ventilation to the feet ensures they are kept cool and comfortable while out playing and running about. With the use of a California Slip Lasting, it provides stability and comfort as the upper is stitched around a canvas or EVA board and is directly attached to the midsole. To provide comfort to the wearer, the removable sockliner moulds to the shape of the foot. It can also be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic. Equipped with Rearfront GEL Cushioning, which is a silicone based cushioning system, it provides a lower shock when the heel impacts on the ground offering better cushioning. Equipped with elasticated laces for an easy on and off motion and a velcro strap to lock the foot down, it ensures the junior can easily put the shoe on and take it off easily without any hassle. Lastly, the rubber outsole ensures great durability as it is essentials when the kids are always running about and on their feet.

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