Benchmark FR Unisex USA Made 3036FR Heather Grey Flame Resistant Balaclava


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When you’re at a dangerous job site, you want to keep your body protected. Complementing your work clothing with FR accessories is essential in providing this. The Benchmark 3036FR USA-Made Heather Grey Flame-Resistant Unisex Balaclava can be used in all HRC applications, safeguarding you against potential threats on the job. Covering the entire head, it minimizes the risk of burns to the upper back, neck, scalp and face. This Benchmark balaclava meets Hazard Risk Category 2 requirements for safety with an Arc Rating of Ebt = 9 cal/cm^2. In addition, you can wear it to keep the sun off your neck and ears, or to provide warmth in the cold winter months. The material wicks moisture away from your body, leaving skin cool and dry when you wear this grey balaclava.Made from a rib knit which adjusts to the wearers’ head and face profile, this moisture-wicking balaclava will fit comfortably under any helmet or hard hat. The top section is constructed like a beanie and features an incorporated face mask that can be pulled down below the chin. Manufactured with a soft, breathable knit blend of 7.5 oz. modacrylic, cotton and nylon, this FR headwear feels comfortable against the skin and is never itchy or constrictive.The Benchmark 3036FR USA-Made Heather Grey Flame-Resistant Balaclava is soft and comfortable to wear, plus it provides the safety you need for those hazardous work situations. Since one size fits most, it’s especially easy to order. Give it a try.Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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