Bern Eastwood Ski Goggle for Men


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The Bern Eastwood Ski Goggle for Men is an innovative, large frame goggle made of soft foam that’s 100 percent recyclable. Just because it’s foam, though, doesn’t mean you sacrifice any performance. The Eastwood Ski Goggle offers lightweight, super soft fit that conforms perfectly to your face and is breathable for your ultimate comfort on a long day on the slopes. The advanced spherical lens gives you optimal peripheral vision and provides less glare and distortion than other goggles. The Eastwood Ski Goggle gives you excellent insulation while still allowing air flow to reduce fogging so you can focus on the trail ahead rather than fiddling with your gear. The grey light mirror lens gives you great visibility on sunny days, and the gold light mirror lens is best for varying light conditions. Either way, the Eastwood Ski Goggle has you covered.

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