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Men’s clothing Gloves Castelli Spettacolo Ros. The creation of this product started with a list of the things we wanted to fix about winter gloves: we wanted to make a glove that’s warm without being bulky, make it easy to get on and off, make it mostly waterproof without having it suck in dry weather due to low breathability, and make it super comfortable. We in- novated everything on this glove, starting with the base fabrics: we’ve used a stretch water-resistant windproof outer shell over PrimaLoft (R) Gold insulation to make it warm, and an insanely soft inner liner that happens to slide easily over even a sweaty hand for easy on/off. The wrist zipper allows the glove to open almost completely for ingress/egress and also slims up the glove so it doesn’t look like a ski glove, even though it’s good for moderately cold temperatures.Features:- Rain or Shine product made to excel in both dry and wet conditions- PrimaLoft (R) Gold insulation for warmth- YKK (R) water-repellent zipper

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