Seac Sub Komoda 5mm Mens Wetsuit


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The Seac Komoda 5mm Men’s Wetsuit stands above the rest in warmth and flexibility thanks to its Yamamoto 38 material. Yamamoto 38 is well known in other watersports like Triathlon because of its warmth, strength and flexibility compared to oil based neoprene. The 5mm will keep you warm in colder waters without feeling cumbersome or restricting movement. Yamamoto #38 This neoprene material is made from limestone with a closed cell foam which makes it light, flexible and most importantly warm. #38 has a honeycomb structure inside it trapping bubbles that provide thermal insulation, the structure reduces the density all over so you have freedom of movement. The outer lining is Super-elastic Extra Flex Nylon to match the neoprene’s flexibility. Inside the suit is lined with Dry Fibre lining to trap water and keep you warm while drying quickly between dives.

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