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Protections Ski Goggles Salomon Juke Access. Proven.Fit and protection to help kids ride with nfidence.When a 6-12 year-old junior has fun in the park, be sure he is protected with JUKE.It delivers proven.Fit and mfort for kids, and a quality mirror lens that works in all nditions while providing 100% UV protection.Specifications:Optic protection depth perception :Filters 100% of harmful UV rays.Improves depth perception glare reduction Instant.Fit :Carefully selected foams make the goggle so mfortable from the initial try-on, youll want to wear them out of the store! Perfect matching :Made to.Fit mfortably with Salomon helmets, and match most Salomon helmet lors.Features:NewCarry Over:NEW.FIELD OF VISION:Wide vision.Fit:6-12 years old,Hypoallergenic foam,Youth.Fit – medium.Frame:Mono-material Soft.Frame FOG NTROL:Airflow System LENS:Cylindrical Lens,100% UV CUT ATING DEFINITIONS:Standard,Anti-scratch LENS INTERCHANGEABILITY:Easy Change STRAP:Standard strap Youth.Fit Lens shape:Cylindr

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