Sushi Ultimate Ninja T Skateboard Tool – Red

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Features:Ergonomic, curverd T design for maximum comfort and perfomance3 unique socket sizes on each end: -10mm (3/8″) socket for mounting truck bolts -13mm (1/2″) socket for axle nuts -14mm (9/16″)socket for kingpinsHollow center for allen key/screwdriver storageDouble sided, 3mm allen key/phillips head screwdriver included for alternative tightening methodsFreshen up your raw set-up with the Ultimate Ninja Tool from Sushi! With its new, ergonomic design, this revolutionary tool uses the latest technology to make keeping your skateboard nice and tight, easier than ever! Furthermore, the easy to access allen/phillips tool at the center makes maintaining your ride, less of a chore! Pick up yours today and literally let the good times roll!

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