Women’s Rosa Flip Flop


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Sandal or flip flop? Who cares when they are as comfortable as the Astral Rosa. Its G15 rubber outsole is extremely grippy to give you some purchase on a multitude of surfaces, while its “super strap” quickly and easily converts the flip flops into sandals. Whether you’re out for a paddle or playing in the sand, the Rosa can do what you want it to. 6ROW , astral Womens Rosa Flip Flops , Womens Rosa Flip Flop astral , astral Rosa Flip Flops , Rosa Flip Flop astral , astral Womens Rosas , Womens Rosa astral , astral Rosas , Rosa astral , sandals , sandels , sandles , flips , flip flops , footwear , shoes , womens sandals , womens sandels , womens sandles , womens flips , womens flip flops , womens footwear , womens shoes , ladies sandals , ladies sandels , ladies sandles , ladies flips , ladies flip flops , ladies footwear , ladies shoes , astral sandals , astral sandels , astral sandles , astral flips , astral flip flops , astral footwear , astral shoes , astral womens sandals , astral womens sandels , astral womens sandles , astral womens flips , astral womens flip flops , astral womens footwear , astral womens shoes , astral ladies sandals , astral ladies sandels , astral ladies sandles , astral ladies flips , astral ladies flip flops , astral ladies footwear , astral ladies shoes

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