It’s no secret that Tignes has plenty to offer for snowboarders in search of fun. But the resort is not only about great freeriding, fun snowparks and shred opportunities. There’s a night life there that can keep you up till dawn!

Tignes is composed of several villages connected by slopes as well as busses, and each one has its own proper vibe. From party places to relaxed bars, follow us into the resort’s nightlife.

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From Val Claret to Tignes-le-Lac: the Heart of the Party

Val Claret and Tignes-le-Lac really are the heart of the resort. In the first, which is also the highest, you’ll find a UCPA hostel, a Club Med, the superpipe and plenty of housing which means plenty of people down to party.

Grab an “après” beer at L’Arobase or at Le Caméléon, which is so close to the slopes you don’t even have to unstrap your board to order a drink! Once you’ve changed clothes, head for Le Studio. This is where most locals living in Val Claret gather to drink beers and do shots. The owner and bartender are super nice, and they always end up the evening with the same set of songs. This means you know for sure when to order your last drink and think of where to go next.

Fire Mix Party Tignes
Fire Mix Party Tignes – Credit:

Val Claret hosts two clubs for those who want to go on longer, Le Melting and Le Blue Girl. Sure, their names kind of suck, but you’re pretty sure to meet a fun crowd here, and they always make for some good memories (unless you go to hard on the bottle).


A few kilometres down is Tignes-le-Lac and its many English speaking drinking dens. The Jam Bar is a good spot for some post-riding chill, where locals and tourists easily mix. L’Embuscade is too. Here, just as the name suggests (it’s French for “ambush”), “a few drinks” can easily turn into a long night out. Late night birds looking for more may find what they’re looking for at the only nightclub in the hood, Jacks Club. Website sums it up quite well, stating: “Music: Cheesy euro trash. Crowd: anyone drunk enough. Rating: one thumb up”. You know what to expect… Tignes-le-Lac also welcomes some huge free outdoor live concerts every year. Do. Not. Miss. Them.


Hidden gems in the other parts of the resort

A bit farther from the crowd, Tignes’ three other villages also have some spots worth paying a visit. TC’s bar, in Le Lavachet is definitely one of them. Well known for some crazy antics such as the “Night of 1000 shots”, it’s a sure joint to have fun, in a mood leaning towards your regular English pub. La Queue de Cochon has a solid reputation for food, but it also has a good bar, with regular discounts that make gin & tonics affordable. You wouldn’t want to miss that! If you settle for Les Brévières, you might feel a bit isolated from the pack. No worries, head straight for The Moose bar. There’s live music twice a week, and it’s not uncommon to spend a part of the show dancing on the tables. Also, their burgers are delicious.

From Val Claret to Les Brévières, there’s about 600 meters of difference in height, and at least as many places to grab a drink and have fun. Party rats, Tignes’ got you covered!
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