It’s not easy to stick out from the crowd when world contenders surround you. That’s something the little ski resort of Chamrousse, in the French Alps, is deeply aware of. However, dedication throughout the years and an ability to work with the best always pays. And now, Chamrousse has made a name for itself as one of France’s most fun places to shred. Welcome to the Sunset Park…

  • Access: Chamrousse is one-hour drive from Grenoble’s railway station. Busses deserve the resort daily
  • Season: beg of December – April, depending on snow conditions
  • Number of lifts: 16
  • Park facilities: The Sunset park. A line of good sized kickers and a constantly evolving shred zone
  • Top features: The shredline is one of France’s most fun. The park also offers the best sunsets in the area
  • Events: Bangingbees’ Top to Bottom, Vans Hi Standard Series
Kevin Trammer © James North – Vans

Of trees and jibs

Culminating at 2250 meters above sea level, Chamrousse is not exactly France’s highest ski resort. This can prove difficult when winter is warm and snow is scarce. You got it: the Isère resort is not exactly a freerider’s dream. Actually, it’s a shredders’ paradise at its best. Most slopes are bordered with spruces and some chairlifts offer a breathtaking view on the Belledonne mountain range. Riding there is a treat for the eyes.
But we’re here to talk snowboarding, not sightseeing, right? Well, if France’s raddest crews spend plenty of time there, it’s because the resort has plenty to offer snowboard-wise, too. The Sunset Park is hands down one of France’s best places to expand your bag of tricks.

A dedication to fun

Managed by former pro-rider and current Vans Europe’s team manager Bruno Rivoire, the Sunset Park is an ever-changing fun park for beginners and expert riders alike. There is a solid line of jumps, but what we like most is the shred line. Boxes, A-rails, hips… the shapers combine them in whatever way pleases their crazy minds. The park is really creative, ever-changing and suits beginners and expert riders alike.

Félix Carlier © James North-Vans

Brands and riders make sure to have the Sunset Park a compulsory stop each season. Bangingbees, France’s hottest snowboard blog, shoots there regularly, and even organizes the “Top to bottom”. As you guessed, you’ll find features all the way down the slope on these days. Even Vans makes a stop there for their Vans Hi Standard contests series. In fact, Chamrousse has a long history in famous events.

The now-defunct and legendary Intercrew gathered Europe’s snowboarding magazines for some heavy riding and partying, but this is part of Chamrousses Legacy now…
So, if you plan to spend some winter-time in or around Grenoble, don’t get stuck to the usual Deux-Alpes or Sept-Laux: Chamrousse is a must-see for any serious rider. See you there!



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