Whether you’ve been there or not, Saas Fee automatically rings a bell for the European snowboarder. The Swiss resort offers nice terrain and plenty of things to do in the winter, but it’s at its best in summer. Thanks to the Allalin glacier, Saas Fee is Switzerland’s second largest resort area once winter is over. And its snowpark is legendary.


  • Access: By train from London or Paris, stop at Visp. From Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Milan airports, it’s about three hours drive by public transports; No cars are allowed inside the village, but there are big car parks outside.
  • Season: Summer: mid July(15th of July, 2017) – end of October (31st of October, 2017) ;                                   Winter: mid November (14th) – mid April (17th)
  • Number of lifts: 22, for 150 kilometres of slope (20 km in the summer)
  • Lift ticket price: 72 CHF/ day in winter, 61 CHF if you’re under 20 – 75 CHF / day in summer
  • Park facilities: A halfpipe and snowpark on Allalin glacier in the summer; Morenia freestyle park and Kreuzboden funpark in the winter.
  • Top features: The awesome summer park, vast terrain in the winter, scenic views and authentic village



Located in the canton of Valais in the south of Switzerland, Saas Fee is a one of a kind resort. Sure, it is renowned for its freestyle facilities, but that might not be the first thing you see when you get there! Despite the packs of boarders, the place has kept a really authentic vibe. No car is allowed in the village, which still contains Raccard granaries. These are traditional wooden granaries built above ground to prevent rodents from eating the grain. Looks like not much has changed since André Gide’s The Counterfeiters!

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A park and a pipe to improve your skills

However, once you get to the Allalin glacier, you’ll face a playful park. This is the perfect place to learn some new tricks before the winter season. It’s no secret why so many pros choose to spend some time in Saas Fee. Its park is more than legit and its pipe is legendary. In 2017, the resort will even feature a 22ft superpipe, shaped by Jeremy Carpenter and Frank Wells, two references in the industry. The Stomping Ground summer camp will definitely have your back to help you master the beast.

Park-wise, you’ll be able to choose from plenty of rails and kicks. Starting from 5 metres long for beginners, and going much, much longer.



The Saas valley is surrounded by 10 summits over 4000 metres. In the summer it’s full of climbing spots and hiking trails. But if you’re looking for spots to chill, you’ll find plenty of bars to get you re-hydrated at the end of the day!


To us, the main appeal of Saas Fee is its amazing summer snowpark. So if you’re in for some serious sessions and you’re eager to get better, you should definitely consider spending a week or two there.

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