From skateboard trips to Barcelona or Lyon to shredding Portugal’s surfspots, there’s plenty of board-related things to do in Europe while waiting for the winter to come back. But for some, those long, hot and sunny months are just too much to get on with. No problem snow-freaks…we got you covered. The first thing that’ll pop in your minds is, of course, glacier riding. From Saas Fee’s infamous park to Italy’s craziest snow camp, the area has plenty to offer.

But for those who are a bit short of money and those who don’t want to travel several thousands kilometres to get their share of snow, we’ve got something for you. From Amneville to Landgraaf, the indoor playgrounds have even given birth to a new species of urban reapers. Without further ado, here is a short overview of Europe’s best indoor snow domes.

When locals grow in the freezer

Amneville’s Snowhall is something of an anomaly, it is France’s only indoor slope. No surprise, when you know what the country has to offer, be it in the Alps or the Pyrenees. At 620 metres long, it can boast the title of World’s longest indoor ski slope, and it has a legit snowpark. The park even has its own Facebook page, so you can check the spot anytime and know what to expect. Close to Belgium and Luxembourg, it was home of local reaper Maxime Schillé. The guy seems to have relocated on France’s west coast now, but he’s definitely put Amneville on the map.



However, those who really made indoor snowboarding legit – which was not an easy task – are probably the Postland crew. Cees Wille and his friends now deliver legit street parts and even full movies every season or so, but they started in the box. They even hold an annual rail gathering, the Rail Riots, in Montana Snow Center, Netherlands. The whole “fridge” is made into a killer snowpark for three days.

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But the Dutch have other places to practice, like Snowworld Landgraaf. As pictures are worth a thousand words, let’s not say a word about it, and make your own judgement.


When the weather outside is frightful…

Ice Mountain Adventure Park, in Belgium, has a few fun rails too, but park nerds might consider it a bit small. In the UK, indoor riding is as close as can be to an official sport, and resorts seem to pop in every corner of the country. Snowcenter in Hertfordshire is the closest from London and seems to focus on freestyle snowboarding, with dedicated events on Thursdays and Fridays, with as many as 19 features. In Manchester, Chill Factore is Britain’s longest indoor slope, and offers boardercross sessions. Intriguing enough to go get a look, in our opinion.

Indoor snowboarding is a world on its own, and we’ve only had a glimpse of it with these few spots. But to be fair, even though it is good to ride the snow every now and then, summer should really be for sunny holidays, right?


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