Everybody’s stoked on summer camps, and there’s no wonder why. What serious rider would be against fresh snow, dope parks and warm weather? But these camps can sometimes be a pain in the ass. In fact, so many of us like to ride that resorts offering summer camps are often packed with reapers, and no amount of summer snow is enough to satisfy anyone. After all, it’s a bit like the whole population of the resort is gathered on a small patch of snow. At those times, one usually hopes for the same conditions but in a last-snowboarder-on-earth-like scenario.

If that’s a feeling you have experienced, we might have found just what you’ve been looking for. Positivity Camp, in the Italian Alps, is a paradise for the lone shredder. Its only access is on foot, and availability is scarce. But the hike will be highly rewarded.

The whole spirit of the camp can be summed up in a few words: 10 days of camp, at 3000 metres above sea-level, in beautiful Val Formazza, Italy! The whole crew – campers and shapers — sleep in the Rigugio 3A, in front of the Siedel glacier. To get there, get ready for a 4-hour hike, but don’t worry, luggage is brought up by a cable car. And after all, what better way to meet with other people than sharing a good walk in the countryside! Once you’re up, the schedule is as simple as is it is fun. Two snowboarding sessions a day, time for lunch, and for the siesta as well!

The Positivity camp provides freestyle lessons for all levels and even photography lessons. It’s on a beautiful park that you access by a private ski lift aptly named “Friends of the Siedel”. Also, the park is shaped by the whole Positivity Crew along with Stefan Plattner, who works in Laax and Saas Fee. You got it…it’s serious fun. The park is supported by Union and DC, and as years go by, more and more pros go get some fun time there – just like the Deeluxe guys did, two years ago.

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“Tough to reach, hard to forget”

What’s more, Positivity Camp is probably your only chance (at least in Europe) to go to a non-profit, eco-friendly summer camp, and to improve your tricks for a good cause. It is operated by Operation Mato Grosso, an Italian NGO that tackles poverty issues in Southern America.

Unfortunately, the camp had to cancel its 2017 edition on short notice due to the weather. Heavy snow and rains have damaged the lift, and in some places, there are more than 10 metres of snow. This makes it kind of a pain in the ass to repair. But the camp was supposed to be in the first days of June, so you wouldn’t have been able to book a place anyway. So, stay tuned for next year’s edition! As the camp puts, it, Positivity is “Tough to reach, hard to forget”. Get in shape and meet us there!

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