The amazingly skilled drone pilots from Team BlackSheep travelled to Austria to film some of the best Skiers and Snowboarders on the planet at the 2018 Audi Nines. Strapping GoPro cameras to their custom built Quad copters these FPV (First Person View) drone racers managed to capture some of the best Skiing and Snowboarding action ever caught on film!

FPV Drone Pilot
Johnny FPV flying for Team BlackSheep – Team BlackSheep

The pilots worked side by side with some of the top riders on the planet including Marcus Kleveland, Sebbe De Buck, Klaudia Medlova, Simon Gruber, Silje Norendal and Hailey Langland to plan out each shot and trick they would capture. Even then, there where still some close calls and crashes (as you can see near the end of the video) thankfully no riders were hurt.

Custom FPV Drone GoPro
The custom built drones can carry a GoPro Hero or Session – Team BlackSheep

Unlike other consumer grade setups, like the DJI and GoPro series of Drones, these custom built racing drones have no self stabilisation or flight assist technologies, which means they become much harder to fly requiring a lot more skill (which these pilots have in spades!), the trade off being they can fly much faster and closer to the action giving us some amazing video footage to enjoy!

Head over to the AUDI NINES website to see more action from the event.

If you want to see more crazy drone flying check out the TEAM BLACKSHEEP YouTube Channel.

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