It’s FRIFLIX time! Our third week is turning the world upside down. Out of eight wicked vidz this week we are heavy on Australian and NZ content. We have the latest GROMS GONE WILD featuring up and coming mini-legend Valentino Guseli, Aussie back-country split-boarding and the latest edit from the dudes at RUSTY TOOTHBRUSH. On top of this there is some awesome New Zealand Glacier boarding, Odd Folks do some fog boarding, and then we hit up some international trailers and edits including the epic back-country Red Gerard cut.

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Red Gerard’s Extra Credit Ep. 1 — Backcountry 101

This is our header video up above!

This one is my personal fave from this week’s FRIFLIX episode. Red is joined by Victor Daviet and Alek Oestreng so you know it’s going to be good!

Between traveling and competing all of last season, Red had the chance to take some backcountry laps and film for a few projects. Scoring a part in TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Arcadia, as well as this web series with Mountain Dew. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at his season as he learns from Alek Oestreng and Victor Daviet in the Montana backcountry. More episodes dropping soon!


Groms Gone Wild – S2 Ep1

These groms are next level, the future generation of snowboarding awesome from Australia. We have featured Valentino Guseli in the past – check out his article and edits HERE.

Groms Gone Wild is back for another season! With the likes of Valentino Guseli, Jesse Parkinson, Zahra Kell and Alex Brookes along with some new emerging talent ripping Perisher Parks to pieces. These groms are literally the future of the Aussie snowboarding scene. These are the guys that will represent Oz in the olympics, X Games and International Films that others before them have helped pave. The progression and hard work from those before them shines through with the level of skill and passion all the Groms maintain.


THE BOX – Rusty Toothbrush

Rusty Toothbrush is one of our all-time favourite Australian crews, their video edits are insane and heaps of fun. To find out more about them and other Australian crews check out our article HERE.

The Rusty Toothbrush crew is welcoming back winter by turning it on in a pretty original way. THE BOX in association with is their latest creation filmed strait out of Grandvalira ski resort in Andorra.

It may look a little trippy and that’s because the entire thing was filmed with the use of projection mapping, big ass projectors and a little nerdiness! This video has a more serious vibe than previous videos of theirs, but you’ll be sure to find that same good ol’ Rusty Toothbrush goofiness in there also.


Beacon – Louif Paradis

Beacon is the true-to-life adventure of celebrated French Canadian snowboarder Louif Paradis as he navigates the weathered expanses of Quebec, Russia and Japan in the pursuit of new features, ideal conditions and the inspiration to attempt the as yet undoable.

Since spawning from the streets of Quebec more than a decade ago, Louif Paradis has emerged as one of the most respected and charismatic snowboarders of all time. For Beacon, Louif has collaborated with auteur Hayden Rensch to document their shared vision of modern day snowboarding. The result is an airy, yet compelling depiction of a rider at his peak, with an aesthetic complementing the action in never before seen ways.


Diaries Down Under – Snowboarding on New Zealand’s Largest Glacier

Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s largest glacier. Boasting specs of 29km long and 600 meters thick in spots, it is truly a thing of beauty… especially when you decide to go snowboarding on it’s prominent ice fields.

For this one, the crew flew up by ski plane to the Tasman Glacier in Mount Cook National Park. They had heard rumors of an area called ‘Canyon Lands,’ basically a lego-like playground that is a series of ice chunks emerging out of the glacier itself. With jaws dropped low, see how the crew navigated their way around the ice and use it like a natural terrain park.

It’s an all-time adventure in an area that you need to see to believe!


Like a Cat – Strange Brew

Strange Brew’s Keenan Cawley hits up some Polish street boarding. Love this part. He has no issues showing all his stacks – probably the funniest cut of the week.


Australian Spring Splitboarding 2017

This one holds a special place in my heart, showcasing one of my home mountains. Filmed not far from Thredbo this is where I hike to photograph brumbies (wild horses) when the slopes are shite.

Splitboarding hasn’t really taken off in Australia so this is fantastic to see promoted. Thanks to Twelve Boardstore and Slidepath, another void has been filled in the Australian snow scene. Bringing together a crew of eager riders keen to get out and explore by foot with the safety of a guide.


Fogged Up – Odd Folks

Carlos Garica Knight and Bryce Bugera head up to Cardrona to get lost up in the white out then back down to Lake Wanaka for an arvo skating with Wacko Wells.


What’s your fave from this week’s FRIFLIX? Did we miss anything that came out this week? If you see anything for FRIFLIX that you think needs a share send it on through or tag us on socials. #friflix

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