FRIFLIX is in the house! Our fifth ep is the biggest yet.

There is 10 videos to watch clocking in at just over 80mins of snowboarding – so grab that beverage, chill and embrace the steez!!

You can watch the full Rabbit Hole movie from 686 (my personal fave of the week), there is also the full independent 1817 movie and Children of the Graves is another fantastic movie. That one is from the Rockies Regional Team. There is also Ivika Jürgenson’s full part from The Uninvited, more awesomeness from Red Gerard, and Elias Elhardt presents a great part in partnership with Deeluxe. On top of that is Snowboarder Mag’s Pepper Trailer with the full movie available on iTunes plus Ride Snowboards’ Off Course movie  and Marie-France Roy’s full part from Cosa Nostra. And to conclude we have Jed Sky’s full part from Se on Mita On.

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Children of the Graves – this is the banner video above!!

The Children of the Graves PEOPLE!

Stalk them on socials at @childrenofthegraves

This is the Rockies regional team movie, compiled of footage from the 2016/2017 season.

Capita Snowboards / Union Bindings / Coal Headwear / 686 Outerwear / Crab Grab


Rabbit Hole – JK’s Movie of the Week!!

The production qualities of this movie are sublime. It screams Wes Anderson with a sepia toned age that I need to see on a big screen!

“We set out to make a quick edit. That grew into a really short film, which then grew into what you have now. I guess that’s what happens when you go down the Rabbit Hole though… You lose track of time and realities and just do what feels right.” – Patrick McCarthy, 686 Team Manager

Featuring Matt Belzile, Forest Bailey, Sammy Luebke, Phil Jacques, Mary Rand, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthy, Frankie Devlin and others. Directed and shot by Ian Post, 686 Rabbit Hole will be sure to steal you away from reality, if only for a moment.


Pepper – Full Movie Available on iTunes Now

Last winter, SNOWBOARDER Magazine embarked upon yet another feature-length film, titled PEPPER. Featuring Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier, Garrett Warnick, Mikey Rencz, Nils Mindnich, Ozzy Henning, Sage Kotsenburg, Ted Borland, Justin Keniston and friends, PEPPER is a unique and poignant look at a winter full of shovels, sleds, sends and stomps, directed and edited by the masterful Jon Stark. Be sure to pick up a copy of the full movie on iTunes.


Arbor Snowboards – Marie-France Roy’s Full Part from Cosa Nostra

Arbor Snowboards is proud to release Marie-France Roy’s full part from Cosa Nostra, Arbor first full-length team video. Marie has been pushing the limits of women’s backcountry freeriding and freestyle for years. With a library of standout parts in some of snowboarding’s most influential films over the past decade, this most recent release from Marie is yet another testament to the timelessness and adaptability of her riding style. From the rarely explored mountains of Vancouver Island to the powder fields of Japan’s Northern Island, sit back and enjoy as Marie travels to remote locations across the globe in search of new lines and bottomless turns.

Download Cosa Nostra, the full video, by clicking HERE.


Jed Sky – Full Part – East to West Films – Se On Mïta On

East to West Films produces tasteful videos with some fantastic boarding. Check the Jed Sky Full part for Se On Mïta On.

The full movie features Jed Sky, Drayden Gardner, River Richer, Tim Bouvette, Simon Martel, Jaccos Boss, Francis-Oliver Jutras, Jonat Ste-Marie, and friends.


Ivika Jürgenson Full Part from The Uninvited

Ivika Jürgenson will step to any handrail she’s confronted with. Check out her vast collection of rail clips that she gathered for her full part in The Uninvited,

Filmed by Jess Kimora, Tim Schiphorst, and Troy Erickson.


Red Gerard’s Extra Credit Ep. 2 — Snowmass Park Session

Red Gerard’s latest Extra Credit episode features Brock Crouch, Chandler Hunt, Gabe Ferguson, Luke Winkelmann, Lyon Farrell, Judd Henkes, Cody Warble and more at a private park shoot at Snowmass out in Colorado. It is a pretty insane crew to call best friends, as all of them are on the rise and making waves throughout the sport. This is probably not the first time you have seen their names, and it will definitely not be the last.


The 1817 Movie

No sponsors, no money, no predetermined riders list, no contractually obligated instagram posts. This movie was made because a group of friends wanted to make something that even attempted to capture the humble, and unique of it’s kind, minnesota snowboard scene.

This movie is dedicated to full time jobs, to rope tows, to East St. Paul, to Plymouth, to scraping snow at every spot, to -50 days when the winch still runs, to spot pizzas, to Duluth, to Trollhaugen, to Skudda mansion, to Eddington’s bottomless soup bowl. To Chad Otterstrom, to Micah Mcginnity, to Mike Casanova. (Hudson counts as Minnesota.) to all the loyal ghouls.

Directed/ Edited by:
Riley Erickson

Filmed by:
Derek Combs
Dan Tyler
Riley Erickson

Pretty much everyone


Off Course

Produced by: Gabe Langlois, Tanner McCarty, Jake Blauvelt
Directed and Edited by: Gabe Langlois
Principal Cinematography: Gabe Langlois, Paul Watt, Brandon Kelly
Aerial Cinematography: Gabe Langlois
Camera Assistant / Production Assistant: Christian Bertrand
Colour: David Tomiak /Silver Lining Post
Sound Mix: Keith White / Keith White Audio
Graphic Design: Javas Lehn
Featuring: Jake Blauvelt, Shayne Pospisil, Jake Welch


Elias Elhardt at Positivity Camp

It’s been 14 years already that Elias Elhardt is riding for Deeluxe – 14 years of good times. Through the years, Elias has built his reputation on his unique style and legendary parts with Pirate Movie Production. Powerful and precise, his riding turns heads and commands attention. Yet he’s just as well known for his kindness and positive attitude – always smiling, always having a good time on the mountains. To celebrate the launch of his 3rd signature boot, the DEELUXE Deemon Elias, a part of the crew and Elias went to one of his favorite places: the Positivity Camp in Italy.


What’s your fave from this week’s FRIFLIX? Did we miss anything that came out this week? If you see anything for FRIFLIX that you think needs a share send it on through or tag us on socials. #friflix

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