ATTUNGA: A Higher Place is the unfiltered saga of three Norwegian snowboarders: Terje Haakonsen, Torgeir Bergrem and Marcus Kleveland, pulling back the curtain and examining their purpose, potential, pitfalls and paychecks. A strong follow up to, CROSSPOLLUTION, Volcom explores the notable Norwegians for over half the movie, and then tap their multitalented team of riders for a soon-to-be viral Volcom Stone session in New Zealand. Whether you lean towards the powder or the park, Volcom’s latest film has something for everyone.

Featuring Terje Haakonsen, Torgeir Bergrem, Marcus Kleveland, Pat Moore, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Mike Ravelson, Scotty James, Scott Blum, and Joss Mcaplin. 

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Attunga: A Higher Place screenshoot of Terje Haakonsen image
Attunga: A Higher Place screenshoot of Terje Haakonsen – not bad for a guy in his 40s. Image courtesy of Volcom Video


The Norwegian Snowboard team is arguably the best in the world. I follow Marcus Kleveland’s progress like a hawk. In my humble opinion he basically already is, or will soon be, known as the greatest snowboarder of all time. And he’s only 18yrs old FFS! He’s a natural that was born strapped to a board. Hell – even the narrator compares him to a snowboarding Hendrix. Marcus just took home a Gold and a Silver at this week’s Winter XGames in Aspen and won them in pain and with what looked like ease. And now he’s off to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang chasing more medals. OK – I will stop gushing now – you may have noticed I totally fanboy!!


If you’re comparing someone like Marcus to a musician, once in a great while you get this amazing person who can literally play the same guitar that everyone else is playing and they play it in a totally different way. And that’s when you get people like, you know, Jimi Hendrix..


Attunga: A Higher Place screenshoot of Marcus Kleveland image
Attunga: A Higher Place screenshoot of Marcus Kleveland – Image courtesy of Volcom Video


A little older Terje Haakonsen is more my age which gives me hope, or makes me sad at my lack of achievement. He is considered one of the most influential snowboarders in the history of the sport. In the book “The way of the snowboarder,” Rob Reed wrote that “Haakonsen took the young sport of snowboarding and revolutionized nearly every aspect of it.”  Torgeir Bergrem is a little older than Marcus but on the same, current, Norwegian team. He has a fun style to watch and it’s the team dynamic of this epic boarding posse that makes them so successful. Like Kleveland Bergrem stands on a lot of podiums.


It’s a fantastic insight into three very different talents from the same country. Terje Haakonsen is a household legend in the country, Torgeir Bergrem is a family kid who has lot of fun and skill and Marcus Kleveland is a motivated superstar prodigy. The on-snow footage is epic and interviews give some decent insights into snowboarders you can’t help but admire and even love. You will actually learn a few interesting tidbits about these great boarders you probably didn’t know before. I never knew Marcus Kleveland has NO COACH. He literally lives on the mountain at Dombås and they build him whatever set-up he needs. He then trains and teaches himself all the tricks. If you’re a young snowboarder he is the one to be aspiring to!

And the coolest thing I loved about the movie was learning about the title. ATTUNGA is the name of the lodge the Norwegian team stayed in when they were boarding in Falls Creek, Australia! Check out the lodge HERE.

Nice work Volcom and thanks for the great video!!

And CROSSPOLLUTION if you haven’t seen it yet.

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