Louif Paradis brought on one of Snowboard videography greats, Hayden Rensch, to film what is Louif’s first headline feature film, Beacon Shot mainly on 16mm, Beacon is breathtaking, a work of art as much as a Snowboard film, and must watch for any fan of Louif’s super clean style.

His vision for Beacon was clear from the start, to show street snowboarding free from any artificial assistance, no winches, no bungies and no pull ins, the ride in should be as important as the ride out, clean and effortless.

The Ride In should be as important as the Ride Out

Beacon Paradis Trek
Earning Their Turns

Louif and his hand picked crew travel to Russia, Quebec, Japan and British Columbia to capture some of the most gorgeous snowboarding ever seen on film, and all of the time and painstaking effort they have put into Beacon is obvious to any viewer, from the editing to the music, the entire film flows like slow motion waterfall, and is just as beautiful to watch.

Louif Paradis
Tommy Gesme
Mark Wilson
Alek Oestreng
Ben Bilocq
Harrison Gordon
Artem Smolin
Phil Jacques
Frank Bourgeois
Mammouth Durette
Blake Paul
Remy Fournier
Finn Westbury

Filmed and Directed:
Hayden Rensch

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