The Middle Path Projects presents a semi-chronological, semi-documentary style journey of a whole winter in search of powder. They follow the confines of a mythical (fictitious?) pyramid of powder in the North Pacific, “unrivaled anywhere in the world”. Washington, Alaska, Japan.

The theme running through the piece, apart from some all time deep powder turns, is snowboarding with an environmental awareness as the key factor. This seems even more prevalent this spring more than most, with some resorts closing early, fearing the wrath of mother nature.

So with environmental impact as the agenda the film kicks off at Stevens Pass, WA, the “greenest” resort in North America, offsetting all of their energy use in sustainable wind power.

Hippies control the future of winter

In the U.S. and Japan, all of their trash was kept for recycling that would have otherwise been incinerated. They also drove 3000 miles to Valdez, Alaska, entirely on waste cooking oil.

Hippies? Maybe, but these guys are definitely onto something. We need to change the way we treat our planet if we want to enjoy future winters. And it needs to start now…

Oh, and there’s some awesome backcountry lines being thrown down as well.

Featuring Mark Rainey, Ian Wood, Matt Wainhouse, Ryan McLaughlin. Tyler Morton, Tamo Campos, Travis Claughton, Shin Biyajima, Andy Berginsperry. Jordan Ingmire, Kevin Hanson, James Guindon, Sean Fithian, Will Jackways. Jordon Frager, Marcus Rand, Tsutomu Endo, Ari Strickland.

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