I spend most of my days staring blankly at snowboarding videos. Fresh new edits, movie trailers, old Mack Dawg films… everything. It’s hard work, but as the cliche goes, somebody’s gotta do it. So I was “working” the other day and I came across a little snowboard edit by a guy called Marco Jørger. The video was called ‘thunder monkeys’, it came out about 4 months ago and it was all kinds of cool.

Stylized, original, and edgy, the black and white edit features blood red crashes, a deadly banjo riff and knifey, psychedelic animations. It’s like a White Stripes album cover, but with snow. Of course the snowboarding in the video is killer, but it’s the editing that hits you. It’s fresh imagery for snowboarding video, and a re-imagining of the trick heavy fodder that’s the status quo. It’s all kinds of cool.

Making cool AF edits from nothing…

When I looked into the origins of the video I found that it was put together by Marco for a Swiss snowboarding mag site called Whiteout. In an interview with Whiteout, he said about the edit – “It’s nothing that special, just some leftover shots from the season mixed with some stupidly square filmed GoPro footage that the riders filmed themselves.” So essentially, this cool AF edit came from garbage.

Looking back through Marco’s Vimeo catalogue you’ll find plenty more gems. Included below are the awesome full ski / snowboard movie mash-up Empire, that has that kitsch washed out holiday footage feel and a wicked metal hair band soundtrack.

Mustaches, headbands and fluro wraparounds – It’s the Blizzard Freestyle Team!

Also heavy on the old film styling with plenty of tongue in cheek LOLs is BLIZZARD: Heroes of the Storm. It’s a Warren Miller-esque, 80’s throwback montage special with hot-doggers and snurf-boarders shredding the Gnar in old school, thriftstore one-suits. The vid is a documentation of the crews end of season party of sorts. As you can imagine, it’s not about big hits and rails. It’s more about beers, high fives and snowboarding fun with mates.

Last but not least is a nice little edit from Marco featuring his go-to riders Marc Paosut, Gian Oswald, Moritz Boll and Aaron Berger. Perfectly paced to a surf rock soundtrack and skeleton animations, this is not your typical early season park edit. Enjoy ‘Railer Park Madness’!

Marco looks like he gets a lot of satisfaction from his work, and his art is not only limited to film or snowboarding edits. Check out some of Marco’s fantastic action, scenic and life photography here. Look out for more creative flavour coming from the Swiss videographer this season, including more edits from QParks, another Blizzard video and his stop-motion/animation that he put together over the summer called TONATIUH.

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