It’s been eighteen years since European production company Absinthe dropped their first movie, Tribal. Throughout the years, Justin Hostynek and Patrick Armbruster delivered some real gems that left their marks on the snowboarding world. Think of such classics as Vivid. Remember Pop and how Travis Rice and Romain De Marchi destroyed the infamous Chad’s gap. You get it: Absinthe’s more than legit, they’re history. This year’s delivery is called TurboDojo and it’s bound to go down as one of Absinthe’s classics.

  • Prod company: Absinthe (SWI)
  • Riders: Mikkel Bang, Nicolas Müller, Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard, Austen Sweetin, Brendan Gerard, Ben Ferguson, Max Buri, Severin VanDerMeer, Kimmy Fasani
  • Sponsors: Drink Water, Anon, Burton, Coal, Salomon, Baldface, Capita.
  • Length: 55 minutes
  • Highlights: Kimmy Fasani, the soundtracks, the epic sceneries, the sick intro

A Snowboarding album

If you like heavy guitars and stoner rock, TurboDojo is definitely the video you should watch right now. The guys at Absinthe took so much care of the music that, with the help of their riders (listed as music consultants in the ending credits), they curated a very good soundtrack. What’s more, each song suits the video part perfectly. Listening to Lou Miami’s Dancing with Death while Brendan Gerard lands tricks with the sickest style is such a pure moment of joy. By the way, Gerard is probably TurboDojo’s coolest dude. I mean, who else has a flick-knife integrated to their board?

All hail Kimmy Fasani

TurboDojo’s second part is Kimmy Fasani’s. It’s really great to see women ride in international videos, and not be reduced to all-girls video projects. But Absinthe aims for the best, and Kimmy Fasani hasn’t joined the cast just to make it look good, she really kills it. Her part starts with an edit of all her slams: a pretty classical move in snowboarding cinematography. But it shows how much she committed to have that part. Huge tricks, sick style and beautiful backgrounds. I’m definitely going to watch this one again.

Enzo Nilo – © Dominic Zimmermann

All killer, no filler?

From Brandon Cocard’s heavy lines to Terje’s rides in Japan, the whole video really gets you in this special place where you’re dying to strap on your board. The sceneries are epic, the riders have a lot of fun and you wish you could join them. Along with confirmed shredders like Nico Müller, the vid has its share of newcomers, such as Enzo Nilo – we hope to see him in a bigger, heavier segment next year!

Nico Müller @ High Five festival – © JH

TurboDojo is 55 minutes long and at one point, you start to wonder: “will this eventually come to an end?” The ending credits are so long! It’s a shame because most of them are legit footage – be it Cocard and Mikkel Bang playing the guitar, more tricks and good times shared by the crew, but just as you expect the movie to be over, you’re kind of not in the mood to enjoy it anymore. But never mind… even if you don’t make it till the end, TurboDojo is a really awesome movie that no one should miss this winter.
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