The SHREDBOTS crew continue their dominance of awesomeness with their latest full movie SHREDTOPIA. Ever since they released SHREDBOTS: THE MOVIE in 2014 this crew has continued to be a popular powerhouse of team shredding. They don’t seem to concentrate on solo parts in any of their videos and are instead purely crew driven. It makes for a lot more fun and shenanigans…

Focusing on good times all over, the bots travel to new spots only to realise that when you’re strapped in and having fun with the crew, you forget where you are anyways, its All “Shredtopia” to us. Enjoy!

The SHREDBOTS literally travel all over the world in SHREDTOPIA with shredding in Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, the U.S.A and I probably missed some more equally wicked places. The movie holds limited structure and instead concentrates on epic boarding, which is what the boys are all about. They go from big mountain to park to backcountry to smashing some street style up walls in warehouses. What’s not to love about this movie – it offers everything a snowboarder wants from a snowboarding movie and more!!

The Shredbots team isn’t particular in who they board with, if they’re good and get along with Torstein, then chances are they will make an appearance at some stage to compliment the core guys. The one thing you will notice when watching is how bloody easy they make everything look. The crew constantly oozes steez and sprinkles it with their usual crazy humor. The level of envy in the office while we all watch Shredbots content is high.

Shredtopia Stars: Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Brage Richenberg, Werni Stock, Darcy Sharpe, Mark McMorris

Cameos by: Marcus Kleveland,Β  Scotty James, Dylan Thompson, Jye Kearney, Jody Wachniak, Ulrik Badertscher, Craig Gouweloos, Jess Kimura, Josh Carreola & More!

Film by: Tom Hannam & Mat Gibo

When I grow up I wanna be a Shredbot :).

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