If you missed any of the Superpark 21 action we’ve got you covered. Read on for some crew edits from the classic Mammoth Mt. event and highlights from the biggest and best day – day five!

Day 5 Highlights and Awards – Superpark 21 Presented by Nexen Tire

As it’s the last day, everyone drops their hammers. Included here are the Icelandic living legend HH’s FS180 gap to switch Misty Flip and massive method underflip. Also Norwegian ripper Fridtjof Tischendorf making a name for himself as he pulls a sweet BS Alley Oop Wallride to 720°. But enough jibba-jabba, check it out…

Day five also sees the awards handed out at the closing party. This year the awards went to;
Superpark 21 Standout – Halldor Helgason
Super Charger – Brock Crouch
Super Unknown – Fridtjof Tischendorf

Superpark 21 Presented by Nexen Tire USA – Day One Highlights

Day one saw all of snowboarding’s elite get together and check out the biggest Superpark build yet. The legends and gods of the snowboarding world rubbed shoulders with some of the most promising upstarts in our sport. No need to warm up to it though as all the riders spent no time throwing down in the Mammoth Mt. sunshine.

Superpark 21 Day 2 Video

Day two, meh…only the best snowboarders in the world destroying a purpose built, invite only mega park. Shredding the park lines in amongst the Mammoth trees are Olympic hopefuls Kyle mack, Judd Henkes, Brock Crouch, Red Gerard and Chris Corning to name but a few.

Day Three Video Highlights – Superpark 21 Presented by Nexen Tire

This one’s got wonder kid Jesse Paul, Horgs, Sage and Sebbe going huge! With an extended section of all the madmen hitting the XXL jump (must be 100+ft) and the extreme spine.

Day 4 Highlights – Superpark 21 Presented by Nexen Tire

Interview day… Get the lowdown on Fridge’s magic backpack. Sage get’s Ethan Morgan’s story and Tyler Flanagan is stoked to be at Superpark. All this along with the quaterpipe sessions, bails and some crazy Halldor shit.

Super Brains – Board Over Brains at Super Park 21

Board Over Brains version of what went down at Superpark 21. Making the trip from Mt Hood, Andy Glader, Ian Sullivan, Cam Weeg and friends lay it down with some big airs and smooth rails in the sun and slush at Mammoth.

Featuring Jonny Sischo, Gimble god and squad, Jared Elston, Corey Caswell, Jagger Heckman, Benny Milam, Ralph Kucharek, Ian Sullivan, Jordan Phinney, Cream Team, Casey Mitchell, Sam Klein, Pat Bridges, Justin Norman, Jordon Frager, and Andy Glader.
Cam Weeg

Between Lakes Crew at Super Park 21

The BetweenLakes lot are stoked to be at Mammoth for Super Park 21. Take some spliffed out, sun soaked park laps with the guys as they make it look easy. Epic jazz soundtrack!

SUPER PARK 21 from BetweenLakes on Vimeo.

Featuring – Garret McKenzie, Emit Salokar, Jack Lawrence, Andy James, Cole Dimeglio, Zach Monte, Tanner Seymour, Cole Linzmeyer, Jesse Paul, Andy Glader, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Eli Lamm, Adam Lechner, and Chris Depaula
Film and Edit:
Ben McCabe

Oakley x SNOWBOARDER Superpark 21 (Follow-Cam Mini Movie)

The best follow cam operator in the world, Gimbal God up to his old tricks. This time at Mammoth Mt. following the awesome Oakley crew through Superpark 21. Participating in the invite-only session are Sage Kotsenburg, Torstein Horgmo, Craig Gouweloos, Nik Baden, Judd Henkes, Yuki Kadono, and Seb Toots. Sage’s effortless style is a real treat to watch, the U.S team is really going to miss his talent and experience.

Film/edit: Spencer Whiting
Additional Filming: Greg Weaver

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