Lobster cream week is seven days in the Helgason’s hood, Iceland, with Halldor and The Cream Team. So who are The Cream Team? A bunch of gnarly hand picked snowboarders that can party with the best and back up the next day. The Lobster crew, along with Eiki and Halldor Helgason are Frank Bourgeois, Colin Wilson, Sparrow Knox, and Fridtjof Tischendorf.

That covers the who and where, but not why? To drink, party, snowboard and have fun of course, why else? And when it comes to good times, these guy’s got skills. Their road trip across Iceland sees them hit some great kicker line set ups, back field jumps, back yard drainpipe and vodka sessions. All with that Lobster vibe for trick progression and crazy Helgason style.

But why so creamy? Halldor explains…

“We were saying Creamy a lot this season, for example… this rail is looking pretty damn creamy. Or when we would fill in a backcountry jump we would call it cream pie-ing the jump and so on… people seemed pretty hyped on the Super Cream Team at Superpark haha”Halldor Helgason

Whatever?? Stay creamin’ Lobster team, you guys are awesome!

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