Snowboarding is all about fun and all, sure, but when it comes to finding a name for your crew?? You definitely want to settle on a name that means something to you and your audience. Think Thank evoke fun and thinking out of the box, Workers make it clear that the guys are ready to work their asses off to make a name for themselves… you get the point. But when you’re one of the most influential riders on earth, when your riding is often described as from another planet or not human, what should you go for? Shredbots, of course!

Shredbots: A five-star cast

So who are those ripping robots you wonder? No less than the McMorris brothers, Mark and Craig, and European prodigy Torstein Horgmo. Three may not seem that big of a number for a crew, but when you shoot as much footage as those guys, it’s more than enough to keep your 20,000 followers entertained! As the riders put it: “Summer? Nah, never heard of it!” These dudes are made for snowy slopes… or streets, for that matter. They’re down to ride anything, and don’t mind joining forces with others crews, such as the WKNDRS, MAYHEM and the Odd Folks. Mark McMorris and his fellow Canadians went “poaching” a ski summer camp at Whistler a few weeks back, while Torstein Horgmo was hitting some rails at Woodward Copper with Kyle Mack and Nik Baden. Talk about good company!

More people, more fun!

This is the thing with Shredbots: we’re not talking about some local glories shredding their home resort all winter-long. These guys are snowboard’s finest, and they’re always on the go. So wherever they land, they make the best of it and it shows. As we can see on Torstein’s latest vlog, they are committed to the sport as much as can be. When the Norwegian wonder drops by Mammoth, he does not intend to just take some laps of the park. He meets with the shapers’ team and builds his own setups. Always mixing with locals, always looking for freshness, always on the loose. That is what makes Shredbots such a unique crew.

Its members don’t necessarily stick together, but they have each other’s back. They will gather when their busy schedule makes it possible. Few people on this earth can ride the way Torstein and his friends do. But we may have more in common with them than meets the eye. After all, most of us are busy as well, and crave for more time on the snow. So the lesson to be taken from them would be: enjoy the ride, make the most of it, meet new friends, spend time with old friends and most of all don’t forget to have fun. No need to be a robot to shred the hills!

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