It was only yesterday we posted a small snippet Heath Patterson filmed on social media. This New Zealander’s filming style is guerrilla, back country cray cray and it looks artistic AF! It’s a perfect combination for epic and original boarding videography. Just what we all want more of! So here it is – HIDDEN MOUNTAIN

Holy Crapola this looks epic – cannot wait to see this on the big screen.


Hidden Mountain is a creative documentary that follows a group of friends through the process of building their own secret mountain jump park. For a month, the crew (including the camera men) dug out and built as much as they could in this amazing hidden location in Niseko, Japan. This is not your typical action sports montage flick. Everything snowboarding related was shot during the exhausting building schedule.

Eat, sleep, dig, repeat.

Hidden Mountain Movie image
Hidden Mountain Movie image

Daily five-hour hikes through knee-deep snow to and from the base camp location, continuous digging and building in freezing conditions, some might say each day felt like Groundhog Day.

The result is an impressive four-way intersecting igloo comprising of two igloos, ‘Bigloo’ and ‘Shitloo’, which were connected by a 50 foot [15.24m], head-high trench with tunnelling at either side and all up 12-13 jumps.

When the tools were down the crew enjoyed the fruits of their labour, ripping over jumps and riding incredible Japanese powder in the park that they had created.


Hidden Mountain Movie image
Hidden Mountain Movie image

This was made for Shot in February 2017 Released in June 2017.

Director/Producer – Heath Patterson
2nd Cinematographer/ Drone operator – Toby Wilson
2nd Drone Operator – Glen Claydon
3rd Camera Stina Bebenroth
Colourist -Trinity Ludlow Hudson
Sound – Ben Lawson
Illustration – Lauren Prebble
Animation – Jason Morice
Music –


Nick Brown, Rob Mitchell, Ben Comber
Photographer – Vaughan Brookfield
Traditional Japanese Taiko Drummers – Kutchan Youtei Daiko Serve Association Koryu