The future is now. No, we’re not talking self-lacing shoes and cats and dogs living in harmony. We’re talking the CAPiTA Mothership, the most advanced snowboard production facility on the planet! At CAPiTA their whole production process is fueled by a company-wide understanding that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It’s the mantra for their R n’D and is evident in the forward thinking ideas behind their snowboard materials, testing and production.

Why? The Mothership philosophy and how it works

Using a NH3 natural gas heating system the factory has a COP (coefficient of performance) of 5. This means that for every 1 unit of energy consumed by the system, 5 units of energy for heating and cooling is achieved. Not only is it efficient, it’s super friendly to the environment too. The NH3 system has an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) of zero and produces no CO2 emissions. The Mothership is also designed to maximize the use of natural light during the day through well placed skylights and cutaways throughout the facility. All other lighting is energy efficient LED.

capita mothership
The sloping exterior of the CATiTA Mothership creates a tear in the space time continuum

The company’s philosophy promotes sustainable initiatives, such as the use of reforestation certified wood cores and development of advanced recycling for industrial material. Healthier production techniques and materials are utilized, like water-based inks, plant-based resin and solvent-less finishing. Economical, sustainable and safe = Yay! Lets breakdown the facts…

The Mothership Connection

  • Opened on November 21st, 2015
  • 52’00 square ft
  • Located in the border region of Austria, next to Slovenia and Italy
  • 100% Hydro Powered from the river Gail
  • Thermal energy is used to power a NH3 natural gas system
  • The NH3 system provides all the energy for the heating and cooling during production and the climate control of the facility
  • The NH3 system has zero emissions and is super efficient and economical
  • After the thermal energy is used the filtered water then flows back into the river
  • 98% of materials used are sourced locally
  • The only snowboard manufacturing facility in the world with it’s own on site testing slope

Quality control at a stones throw

While all the manufacturing processes are taking place in the mothership, some serious work is happening just across the road. The R n’D department have their very own ¾ mile (1.2km), rope-tow fed testing slope. Inspired by the DC Mtn. Lab (circa 2005) the CAPiTA crew can use this slope, or for a much larger testing environment, head to the nearby resort of Nassfeld that has 4.5k of vertical to get serious with. Scott Stevens and the yawgoons alumni were recently invited to Austria to help out with product development and testing. They filmed for YAWGOONS 19 while they were there.

Badass measures for a better tomorrow

CAPiTA king, Blue Montgomery had a need to take charge of the companies destiny. They achieved this by taking control of their own production. His vision to make the world’s most awesome, innovative snowboards was more then just to make another factory. It was to start a progressive movement that has a positive effect on our environmental impact, our sports culture and our attitude towards a sustainable planet. All so we, and future generations, can enjoy one of the most fun things ever conceived for many seasons to come.

“For all of us that love snowboarding, it’s our time to step it up to help shape and mold snowboarding to be what it is and what we want it to be,”Blue Montgomery

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